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Age of Empires 4 in the test: New real-time strategy

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Four entertaining solo campaigns, eight very different people with tailored civilization bonuses and units, multiplayer battles for up different to eight players on 17 maps, authentic voice actors for each individual fractions, well-balanced difficulty levels, high accessibility and many proven gameplay mechanics - Age of Empires 4 has basically everything that makes up the heart beat of series fans. Although Groundbreaking innovations remain off the game but does not detract. That part 4 is not pushes the boundaries even higher rating regions, is primarily to control and interface quirks, minor problems in terms of pathfinding, inconsistencies in some detail animations as well as the fact that both map editor and mod support still missing. Unless further improvements to the developers in these points, is an almost very good but nothing in the way.

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Four Story campaigns with varied mission design Eight playable factions with very individual units and game mechanics Campaign and documentary video to convey a lot of historical knowledge Every people speak his language, which also changes with each era Several challenge missions, 89 unlockable Achievements Entertaining multiplayer part with many configuration options Good eingedeutscht Successful mode for viewing Match repeats


No Mod Support and missing map editor to start No patrol function, zoom levels may be more extensive Units are in parts still pathing Configure additional mouse buttons and the mouse wheel not possible Interviewees not synchronized documentary videos The user interface can not be fully tailor Via shift key defined entity routes are not displayed Deficiencies in group management

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At the start of Gamescom 2017, the announcement of Age of Empires 4 was the message to the real time strategy fans had hoped worldwide. Now the PC game is finally finished and, from October 28, 2021 in stores and also available from the Microsoft Store and Steam. Subscribers to the Game Pass may also from day one through start. COMPUTER BILD has tested the game and explains on the following strengths and weaknesses.

Successful modes mix

As with the Definitive Editions of the previous Games, the makers for Age of Empires 4 put on a comprehensive package consisting of campaign mode, combat missions against the artificial intelligence, Art of War challenges to, and an online multiplayer mode for up to eight players. Highlight for soloists is the campaign mode: It consists of four individual campaigns, strictly speaking together. The can all be accessed directly at game start, each take the fate of a faction in the focus and give to make a lot of effort, historical events tangible.

To experience in The Normans , among others, the invasion of England, beginning with the legendary Battle of Hastings in 1066. Do you have that battle when William, Duke of Normandy, mastered, followed by other major battles of that era. Including the conquest York (1069), the case of Bayeux (1105), the battle of Tinchebray (1106), the battle of bremule (1119) or the First Battle of Lincoln (1141).

The second campaign is dedicated to the Hundred Years War and focuses on formative events such as The combat of the thirty (1351), the siege of Paris (1360) or the Battle of Formigny (1450). What happened at that time in Asia reveals called the third campaign, The Mongolian Empire . With the same nomadic people it is, among other things, to conquer the Jin Fortress Zhangjiakou to overcome the Great Wall and to spread further and further east.

still remain Campaign Number four: The rise of Moscow outlines the growing strength of the people of Rus, shows how they free themselves from the year 1223 gradually from the stranglehold of the Mongol occupiers and later themselves become powerful rulers in the region.

Interactive History Lesson

Very nice: to ensure a red thread between the 35 missions, the developers put on two successful narrative techniques. On the one hand, professionally cut videos in the documentation style, which combine realfilm material with animations and thus convey extremely clearly historical connections. On the other hand, a spokeswoman commented again during the individual missions. In short, Age of Empire 4 is a dream for all who want to experience the history of the period 1066 to 1552 interactively. Not least because each completed mission releases further documentary videos that reveal interesting things about the former war art and lifestyle of people.

In the course of the campaign, for example, it is clearly demonstrated, which are sarworks, in detail on the purpose and purpose of warpocks and signal arrays have entered or explained, with which swords and sabers struggled the RUS. But not only in the staging of the campaign points the developers. Also in terms of mission design Relic and World s Edge are always creative ideas. For example, in the second mission of the RUS campaign, you must afford the Mongols every few minutes of tribute gold.

If these payments remain, the Golden Horde sends numerically superior troops and sweep them from the map. You can earn the necessary money most quickly by sending dealers into surrounding cities. The problem: Between Moscow and the trade enclaves, marauding robber bands drive their misrepresentation. What follows is a thrilling, often time-critical mission, which releases a lot of adrenaline from the middle difficulty level.

But also charmingly staged Knight tournament at the beginning of the second campaign, the dramatic defense of Paris against the incident English or the defense of ever new Mongolian attacks in the RUS campaign are exciting and keep soloists playfully on trot. Incidentally, it is possible at any time, which is why failures do not worry about frustration, but rather motivate it better next time.

Eight peoples, eight play styles

In the core, Age of Empires 4 plays very much like part two, but still manages to set their own accents. First of all, with eight fractions, which are significantly different to different colors thanks to versatile special units, mechanics and civilization bonuses than the peoples of Age of Empires 2 . If we take the sultanate of Delhi as an example: Anyone with this Islamic Empire from North India attracts to the field, threads more slowly than the other peoples, but no resources must pay for new technologies. With the party, powerful war defendants, with archers armed fish cutters, influential scholars, which are already available in the dark era, or the ability to build defense systems with infantry units, which relieves their own workers.

Quite different the style of the Mongols: To meet the nomadentum of this faction, just pack your bearings on wooden carts and rebuild them on the card anywhere. The Mongols receive food and gold from opposing buildings at the fire burst, do not need to build houses to increase the population limit, have access to mounted archers, which even with a retreat in full gallop still arrows and some other more.

The Chinese in turn raise defense systems and regular buildings in record pace, get powerful dynasty bonuses by building both landmarks of a era have 20 percent more efficient harbors and mixing the front with different gunpowder units. Granted to work in all these subtleties costs time, motivated under stroke but enormously and pays off at the latest in online multiplayer mode.

Also class made: In order to work out the difference of the peoples more strongly, the units in the respective national language are worded. If it comes during a game at a time change, even the dialects adapt to the respective epoch. A magnificent detail!

Sand in the gears

Age of Empires 4 makes much right and therefore a lot of fun. Genre connoisseurs still occur various gameplay inconsistencies that the development team will hopefully refrain from update over the next few weeks. This concerns in particular the interface, the control and various comfort functions. Why, for example, units assigned by Shift key are not displayed graphically? Why can not be individually prove mouse buttons in the control menu? Why is the maximum zoom level on the card so limited? Why was the serial-typical patrol function ratified? And why can not you - as before - directly via the interface on the side edge, remove individual units from a group? Questions that will make experienced Age of Empires players again and again.

And how is Age of Empires 4 technically? Overall, very good, even if the graphic jump far does not precipitate as high as much as a serial fan hoped. If you look closely, you will always discover smaller clipping errors and wonder about one or the other detail animation. For example, send guys to a city wall, you will be just up building when you reach the boost. Ultimately, however, this is at a high level.

Release: Age of Empires 4 appears on October 28, 2021 for the PC. The game has an age release from 12 years and costs about 60 euros. It is included in the Game Pass .


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