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Far Cry 6: How to get more leaders (bandit operations)

Bandidos Operations is a secondary section of Far Cry 6 that allows you to earn a variety of rewards that can be useful for your adventure. However, you will need a leader to guide your bandits to success in each of them. To begin, you will only have Juan to help you, but it is possible get more leaders at Far Cry 6, so you can perform more bandit operations at any time and choose some with particular characteristics for specific operations to improve your chances of success.

Get more leaders at Far Cry 6

You can get more rulers by completing Yaran Stories secondary missions, scattered all over the world. These are marked on their map with a purple compass icon, and they will often require helping a random citizen of Far Cry 6 to get out of trouble.

The purple icon in West side is an example of Yaran s story to get more leaders.

It should be noted that not all Yaran s stories that Completes will give you a leader. However, you can verify which will be placing the cursor on the icon on your map to see information about the mission.

When doing this, you can also see the rewards you will get to complete it. If a character is displayed as one of the rewards, it means that you will get it as a leader of Far Cry 6 for your bandit operations.

Why are leaders important?

You will want to have more leaders at Far Cry 6 to perform more bandit operations at a time. Each operation that completes has its own rewards, and these can be incredibly useful if you are running out of preparation ingredients or simply want to help you upload a little more.

In addition to that, each leader has its own unique skills and characteristics that provide better rates of success in certain situations. For example, one can be better to escape the clashes with the military, while another can be better for the massive shootings.

Each bandit operation highlights the skill or trait of leader that can be beneficial at the end, so the more leaders have, the greater their chances of success.

That s all you need to know How to get more leaders at Far Cry 6 for your bandit operations. To get more tips, tricks and guides, go to our wiki or consult more information about the game below.

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