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[Yoshida s picture diary] Cost of 29 people ... There are too many good recommendations! Idol Master Star Lit Season

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The first encounter with THE IDOLM @ STER series, was 15 years ago.

But at that time I had a mind embarrassment to play girl games for was young, in the local game center, the housing of the arcade version of THE IDOLM @ STER is installed in a location where the customer was recessed not less since it had been, was able to play fully without worrying about the eyes around.

... Do s puny pride if you now.

It anyway, the latest work of there is a fondness from such a long time ago THE IDOLM @ STER series has finally been released!

So, we have to play the Bandai Namco entertainment PS4 for idle projects produce games to give Idol Master Starlite season. ! Not only idle of 765 professional affiliation in this work, also joined the idle of the other series, 29 people a total is possible produce.

Although in the past work I was suffering if you want to produce a nobody in 13 people of 765 professional affiliation, ... to stretch more than double the number of people. I am happy scream!

4 works 29 people produced the idol!

The player s producer to have had 765 professional affiliation back to Japan finished overseas training. From the president to return home early, ordered the production of the special unit a collection of idle from multiple offices.

Led an idle unit Luminous , which consists of 29 people, it was supposed to challenge the large idle event Starlite season .

765 I m setting that there is another acquaintance is a professional idle.

Indeed, rather than from 1 to raise the idle, or already to produce the idle who are working to debut.

By the way, before the release of this film, the release of the track record was left a little bit and THE IDOLM @ STER 2 , played the past works such as THE IDOLM @ STER Dearly Stars . It has also purchased further little you increase of headphones for this work. Preparation of the play s perfect!

Has put fired up than usual picture diary!

13 people of the familiar 765 professional from the THE IDOLM @ STER .

THE IDOLM @ STER MILLION LIVE! Is from, five of Mirai Kasuga-Shizuka Mogami, Tsubasa Ibuki Shiraishi pongee-SakuraMamoru Kaori.

THE IDOLM @ STER CINDERELLA GIRLS from, Nana Ranko Kanzaki-Jogasaki Mika, An Futaba-Kirari Moroboshi five Abe.

5 people THE IDOLM @ STER SHINY COLORS from the Shirase Sakuya-Komiya Hateho Molino Rinyo Osaki Ama奈 Osaki 甜花.

And the back air-core white of this work is the first appearance. 29 people total of is it a member of the Luminous.

I was released in the series work at home for hard s all been playing, but delivered Series 3 works for the smartphone s not play. That is not familiar to other than 765 professional idol, and thinks Ya ......

Animation and music, but secondary creation is a course already, only the original game not play!

Probably Well ...... okay!

Aim , perfect communication!

The purpose of this work is that it win the selection tournament to bet the big stage of the Starlite dream.

Enhance the ability to do so by doing the lessons, there is a need to win a lot of fans.

Although there are 29 people idle, election can be idle for each musical composition is determined. Only that song is that idle thought and ~ Do Once sang Unfortunately ....

But to the case of me that there is no restriction it would be likely to choose the 765 professional idle a familiar, wonder if there is made is a good opportunity to elect the other idle.

Next Once you have selected the music is making an idle unit. I, and evenly elected from each work, was the Ganaha Hibiki is a servant of the most pushing idle in the center!

Maximum number of players of the unit up to 5 people. But in reality are also 50 people near the idol group, I mon that only 29 people all in the game to Wachawacha also, along with Zura .

You know, I tried to simulation uncle. I thought it just to Wachawacha.

Next Once it has formed a unit s lessons.

The idle, there is a vocal, dance and visual of the three status, will be going doing the lessons to increase the value of each digit.

Basically, none but he simple mini-games that the specified button is pressed well timing, only dance lesson s first let down slightly difficult to understand the timing of input.

Free time When you have finished the lesson. Idols and communication can be taken. Since the choices every time is displayed will be to choose an appropriate one.

...... How selection if to grasp the idol of personality to predict or become perfect communication is set up is, attention That s necessary because there is also occasionally hooked like a selection.

Since this work is auto-save function, if it fails the communication would be good to try again to load.

I fail m faction to accept a failure. Actually ...... I want to load!

When you do a proper comeback in the conversation of the idle, bond level rises, many of the SP can be obtained. SP is released and the status of the upper limit, it is quite necessary to learn the skills that will help in the stage.

Yeah, I thought load to be redone was good Do not ....

live sound game! Painful to the reflexes dull old man ...?

To raise the status in the lesson, after deepen communication with idle challenge to live.

Live part is a sound game.

Button has been allocated for each idle, it will connect the combo by pressing one of the buttons with good timing.

If you hold the only button on the same idle lower the tension of the idle, acquisition score will be reduced. In order to recover the tension, it is necessary to press the button of the idol of the left neighbor. It will be slightly back to the right end of the idle When you push until the button of the left edge of the idle.

Feelings you want to push the idle button Osh would be better to keep up press a well-balanced with reduced.

There is also a special skill, such as memories appeal and unison appeal.

While the idol of tension in mind, pretty busy if there is a need to choose at one s own discretion the timing to use the memories appeal and unison appeal.

I can not afford to have a closer look at the sunny stage of the idol that was brought up over the Tesio ......!

If you want to see carefully STAGE FOR YOU!

Dedicated mode If you watch the live part carefully STAGE FOR YOU! There is.

Music and idle, can watch the live of a combination, such as the free stage and costumes.

Stage effect also quite finely possible custom.

Live in can be switched or select an effect that was custom, the camera angle. Do not there is something different or the busyness of the production mode.

Which idol whether to up just at any timing, the camera angle is pretty necessary sense. Quite difficult ...... that choose at one s own discretion the timing to understand the flow of the song.

Since the video the whole world of the producer has posted can be appreciation in the game, have fun find your favorite combination of video.

It Mochihamochiya!

Clear time of production mode was about 60 hours.

Evenly or become a checkmate likely not grow a lot of idle, and live sound game elements also Tari quite early speed from the beginning, the difficulty felt a little higher. Not only auto-save, it is diligently looks good person who had been the save.

Play before the minute to the increased number of people compared to the past work, than each one of the alternating current becomes shallow ......, but I was worried that, it was quite a large volume was firm also individually or the entire community community. Many also idle each other Work appeared different is taking communication, it was unwind just by looking at it.

Events that I like best is the eternal 17-year-old Nana Abe is a member of the Luminous been blessed her birthday, is the scene who are willing while puzzled!

Was the difficulty is, on basically in a week has been decided that this day lesson, Live this day , is quite long as 10 months production period, will anyone in the repetition of the same thing directly below. For the DLC, e-mail and stage director is not also not think that ...... I me put from the beginning. There Well usual and I wish it Imus . It is expensive for everyone worth of buy-mail DLC and 6,930 yen and pretty, but because it is one 330 yen if you buy individually, is also one choice to buy only those Osh. I bought only mail Ganaha sound.

The other to have the DLC of live costumes and in-game items are delivered also, but you will need a reasonable amount and align all, also the main part is you can enjoy enough without having to purchase separately.

Currently, while playing the second lap, add music DLC is waiting and I wish or not come of my favorite shiny smile !

Idol Master Starlite season is being released on the subject of the PS4 / PC.

of Terukazu Yoshida profile : Uncle of his self-portrait of the mystery that has been writing for more than 20 years diary. In recent years, Thio-chan of the school road (KADOKAWA) and Inari JK TamaNozomi chan (Ichijinsha) , has emerged as Mobukyara of popular manga such as teasing good of Takagi (Shogakukan) , It appeared three times in the anime work up to. He is why he has appeared in so comic, also drew a cartoonist apparently do not know may be Yoshida himself. Recently, I started a diary planning Sukairimu a play by two people Journey of Sukairimu double personality Role Play . The latest story notification for Twitter of the project is here. Terukazu Yoshida personal Twitter is here.

※ UPDATE (2021/10/24 20:56): Fixed a typo in the text.


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