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Destiny 2 makes huge changes in exotic weapons

The next Destination 2- The anniversary event, which celebrates the 30 years of Bungee, is making great changes in exotic weapons, including the oldest and the new ones. Of course, the changes that are being made at the oldest exotics are to make them more relevant in the current goal, while the changes in the newer launches have to do with the fine adjustment.

Some of the finest details of the December 7 Update are still unknown, but we know that the following weapons are receiving improvements or nerfs: Lorentz Driver, Dead Man's Tale, Vex Osteoclast, Sleeper Simulant, Heir Apparent Catalyst, Baluster, Malfeasance, Whisper of the worm, southern regime, Darcy, chosen traveler, crioshesia 77k, leviathan breath and lion.

Next, you can see all the changes that are being made in the exotic weapons mentioned above:

Driver Lorentz

The regeneration of skill energy was eliminated when capturing telemetry.

Tale of the dead man

This weapon will get a significant improvement to cause the weapon for a console. The Scout rifle will have a greater fall away from the friction of the reticle. You will have less recoil and improved precision, keep in mind that this will have a reduced effect on the mouse and the keyboard.

Miscast VEX

Aiming assistance will decrease statistics in 25, and aiming assistance will also decrease for linear fusion rifle mode. You will also need 3 deletions for a full overload instead of 2.

Sleeping Simulant

EVE damage will increase by 6% and the size of the charger will be 4 instead of 3.

Apparent catalyst heir

Destiny 2: December Update is MASSIVE! Exotic Changes, Weapon Tuning, Ability Nerfs, More (Round up) The catalyst will have a resistance to reduced damage against PVP players by 50%.


You will have anti-barrier as an intrinsic benefit.


Explosion damage increased by 50%.

Suburb of the worm

Adjusted so that players can use it in short damage phases. The damage increases by 10% in EVE, and the catalyst whispering has a reduced delay. The magazine White Nail will recharge 2 of the inventory and 1 of nowhere.

Serious regime

The dual-mode receiver will have a range of +30 and a +3 zoom.


The sniper will have reduced the recoil, recoil and degradation of precision by 50% when the personal assistant is active. In addition, the damage will increase by 50% in EVE.

Chosen traveler

Grant a 10% energy from accumulation in activation and will reduce the accumulations granted in a guardian defeat from 3 to 2.


The variable trigger will be deleted. In addition, Charged Shot will move the special recharge and return to Sidearm mode after performing a Charged Shot.

Leviathan Breath

The catalyst of this heavy ammunition arc will have an additional advantage called Archer's Tempo.

Lion of Fight

There will be no requirement of multiple blows and will have an increased recharge statistic.

Destination 2 is available via PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. For more information about science fiction science shooting game, click here.


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