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Good luck to the long-awaited sequel! Let s fight with zombies, humans and northern and regulations

Initially, it is scheduled to be released in spring 2020, but Ding Light 2 Stay Human that was overpowered several times. In the last September 14, it has been announced that the release will postpone to February 4, 2022, and there are many people who are joyful.

This editorial department has had the opportunity to play the PC version of such expectations a little earlier, so this time we will tell you the impression.

Completely no-regulatory & relief localization

First, there is good news that you want to tell. It is completely non-restricted. About it.

You can enjoy the expression as intended by the developer without changing anything from overseas specifications. Of course, blood is green, or not missing. The neck and foot can be cut, which is also involved in game properties.

Furthermore, in charge of localization of Ding Light 2 Stay Human, spiking Chen software that localized Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and Metro His Exodus. Japanese dubbing will also be implemented, high quality Japanese version can be expected.

In the previous work, the expression regulation was conducted at the beginning of the release, and the expression was regulated to be green, and the reputation was removed in that respect, but this work is not limited to the expression. Is.

Then let s play immediately.

Feeling good pull

In Ding Light 2, we will promote the story while driving around the open world as before. This run around is point. The main character runs and jumps and climbs, and moving operation Parkour moves the city where zombie is widespread, or moves with death or death.

Parkour is also familiar as a way to move the Assassin s Creed series and Millers Edge series. In the previous work, this pool action was highly evaluated, but in this work, the animation volume of the pull action is more than doubled. Motion Capture has been developing from the previous work, such as David Bell, a leader of Parkour.

Even as an impression actually played, Parkour was a good action continued to be a preliminary work. Of course, athletic element is also healthy. We will move on the walls and pipes of the building to the goal.

Stamina management is also important in Athletic. If it has been hanging for a long time, the stamina gauge at the center of the screen will decrease, and you will release your hand. It was likely to confirm the route in advance, or respond to the change of the opportunity, and to have a different strategic.

Violence & Goa Proximity Battle

This is also fun following the previous work. You can fight with various enemies in close weapons. Weapons can be created by search and customization, and it seems to be able to fight with a weapon suitable for plastic and situations.

You Won't believe What People Found on These Beaches

In addition to guards and kicks, stealth skills are also possible. It seems to enjoy the battle with a variety of options.

It should be noted that it is still a goal element that is not. Even if you aim for the zombie opponent, it will be disconnected if you aim for your feet, and the movement will be dull, and the human will fly comfortably.

Change of map by selecting story

As a point developed from the previous work, the change map changes by selection. This work makes it possible to restore the power and release the base to live.

If it is an important base, you can choose to pass to which power of the base, and the map will change even if it is selected. In addition, the selection of power is not limited to the change of map, but also affects the ability of the protagonist.

There are also many variations of conversations, and in this work, elements of conversation selection were also implemented. As an image, near Witcher 3 and Horizon Zero Dawn, there were also important conversation choices, and there were also options to know the story and person deeply.

Day night cycle change

Day and night cycle has changed significantly from the previous work. The previous night was a really horrible time zone, and there was only a zombie and powerful Volatile that runs around, but I had only a Fee, but I enjoyed high risk high returns, such as doubling the experience value. However, since the merit of moving at night was an experience value, it tends to be in the daytime in the daytime.

This work is a big tech cycle in this day and night cycle. There are many zombies in the daytime, and the outside enemies are many people, but vice versa, zombies come out of the building, so they are directed to exploring buildings. The difference in the role of day and night is clearer than the previous work. In this work If you have business outdoors, it was a game design that acts at night when there is business indoors at noon.

In addition, this work has a setting that all the characters are infected with zombie viruses, and zombification proceeds by remaining in the dark. Therefore, there is a new system that the main character s zombie is gradually progressing in a place where light is not reached. This zombie system is also featured at events along the way, and it seems to be important even in the story.

New tool Para glider

This experience also used Paragliding which is a new tool.

Paragliding converts altitude to distance and migration is a convenient gadget. It seems to be useful in the area of ​​high-rise buildings.

In addition, the para glider can also rise with the wind blowing upward. It was a pleasant experience to fly the high-rise building in the glider.

Developer Interview & Points to be aware of!

What is the type and size of the area?

Area is one of the two areas in the experience, and all three areas are in all. The simple area of ​​the map is approximately twice as much as the previous work, but the high and low difference in the work is more likely to be made, and the area where it can be acted is significantly increasing.

PS5 version can be ready-tracking?

It can be used. The console has an emphasis on resolution or a selection of frame rates, and you can enjoy it as you like.

Is there a connection with the previous work?

Basically, the world view is only common. However, if you explore the world, there is also a part where you can enjoy the previous fans.

Impression of PS4 version

Well, I was slight in this leading play, but I also had the opportunity to touch the PS4 version. The PS4 version of the latest game is not a stable frame rate and the Cyberpunk 2077 nightmare that has become a major problem, but it is necessary to worry about such problems within the scope played in PS4 It looks like it is.

Of course, I can not expect the same behavior as the high-end gaming PC, but there were no serious mackerel and lugs, and the texture disturbance. Although I thought I wonder if the frame rate is low?, At least it was a state where I could play the game normally.

The time I could play was about 4 hours, but the main work of the touch of positive transition from the previous work was enough work to think that it would be satisfactory if it is a Ding Light fan.

In addition, the previous work was the stage of Turkey s devastated city, but the stage of this work is a landscape that makes France Paris, the church and a French building, and the subway are reproduced. Even if it is ruined, it is France. The city is still attractive.

Ding Light 2 Stay Human will be released on February 4, 2022, for PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / Windows (Steam, Epic Games Store). Run through the city and wait for the day to fight with zombies and humans!

【PS4】 Ding Light 2 Stay Human preservation Benefits DLC Code 3 Type Set (External) ~ ~ ¥8,778 ~ → ¥7,182



[PS5] Ding Light 2 Stay Human [Reservation Benefits] DLC Code Three Sets (External) ~ ~ ¥8,778 ~ → ¥7,182




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