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King of Asia Pacific Cup Diligent, SWC 2021 Winning

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The long and long SIC 2021 units have blocked. On the 13th, the SIC World Final Final Final Finals played a champion of Android from European Cup.


The contents of the game were very fierce. On one set, the vandal of Android was shining. At a time, at a time of the VAN, it is an important moment to determine everything in the major moment of the Diligent s flagship pick, which is conscious of the water property striker, and the water property of the property dragon knight and the water properties are taken out. This was very major. Two monsters of the two-monster diligent monsters will only die at once. Within this, Android treated the water attribute striker, which was a vacant state, followed by a victory.

Android gave the early stance to two sets of cancer properties, and using the rapid speed. However, DILIGENT was able to utilize the cancer properties dragon knight and fire attribute sales to seal the cancer properties Oracle, and the fire property vampire was first treated with the stack of water attribute, the resurrection stack of water attribute Made s resurrection stack will be used. Since then, Diligent s offensive continued, two sets of Diligent went back to the goods of Diligent.

In three sets, Diligent decided to take advantage of light werewolf to catch Android s style properties and fire properties Oracle. Here is a success, which succeeded in catching up to Cancer Property Oracle to catch up with the Success, once more, Android s water properties. Throughout the game, Android had to give 3 sets without having to write it properly.

In 4 sets, the strategy of the two strategies was impressed. Diligent brings Android to the water attribute made, and picked up a cancer property proud of 100% of the victory in the phrase of the phrase to supplement it. Conversely, Android introduced a strategy to increase the attack rate and bring Short ton to the sea.

But in the game, it was a Diligent cancer property line in the game. In the process, the core dealer was the waters of water attribute that the king could not do anything. Android did not give it to this, but it responds to the use of water attribute and king of the light properties. However, the resurrection stack of waters of the water attribute was steadily accumulated, and it became difficult to flip the game.

DILIGENT was a washing CC, which was a lucky cord, using the Made, who is the owner of his or her long-term, and the meta-pill of this tournament. In the 2019 finals on the final stage and the World Final to advance to the World Final of the 2020 competition, the first time, he finally got the best summary title. Diligent, which was the same as the preset, was reduced to the eyes to the end of the championship immediately after winning.

Immediately after the winning, Diligent is a specialized interviewer.

Q. Was it tears immediately after winning, what emotions?

I personally thought that the results were the goal that I had to make it in 2019, and the emotions were buried.

Q. Who reminds you?

My father thinks the first, but there are many people who thank you for the hard time to listen to each other.

Q. What did the core strategy of winning was what was the core strategy?

I am now too hard to say that I am so emotionally.

Q. It seems that it was very big that the unauthorized championship in 2019 was very big.


Q. Finally, if you do a word for fans?

Thank you very much for supporting me. I have a fan and I seem to be able to make good results.


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