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Pokémon analysis Bright diamond and gleaming pearl

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Passable for rookies, but very scarce for everyone else, bright diamond and gleaming pearl contribute things, but bad ways.

During my first hours with Bright diamond Pokémon and gleaming pearl was a bit confused about the game, in general. About whom were directed by these remakes, and about what they intended to offer players who were returning, after fifteen years, to the Singh region. I was asked because, especially in the first compasses of adventure, the game is exactly the same as the original in practically everything, less in the artistic section. The pixel Art Semi 3D of the Nintendo DS Games has been replaced by an aesthetic completely in three dimensions, undoubtedly more current; Also, unfortunately, something more than a 3DS game than one of switch, especially if we compare it with the other deliveries of the saga that have been throwing themselves into the Nintendo hybrid console.

Are They WORTH IT?! REVIEWS for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl

Basic information

Developer: Inca Editor: Nintendo Platforms: switch Proven version: switch Availability: 11/19/2021

Even so, for most of the first hours of departure, I had a good time. If something can be clear about these remakes is that the original diamond and pearl Pokémon are maintained fresh and dynamic even today. Progression, very little linear, allows us to visit most areas from the beginning, and constantly return on our steps after having unlocked new skills to advance in the plot, face new gyms, and access areas that were previously inaccessible to us. The story, although not as deep as that of some subsequent deliveries, is more than enough to structure the adventure, and it does have some pretty remarkable scenes. The Singh region is wide and varied in ecosystems and creatures, and the secondary mechanics, such as the exploration of the subsoil or the cultivation of berries, are more than enough to entertain us during tens of hours.

The problem is in the translation that bright diamond and gleaming pearl make all this to the present. It is, among all the remakes of the history of the Pokémon saga, the most direct and least adapted representation of the original Games. It is true that the original games are much more recent, and therefore it is understood that they require less update; But, as we move forward, the feeling we have left is that these games do not contribute practically anything to the original formula.

What is particularly serious is the fact that the few things that these remakes contribute to the original game end up detracting the experience. Perhaps the biggest problem, in general, is the balance of the game. Like the last deliveries of the saga, Pokémon Bright diamond and gleaming pearl incorporate the use of distributing experience not as an optional object, but as an integrated mechanics within the game from the beginning and that can not be deactivated. This means that, after finishing each combat, all the Pokémon of our team will receive an amount of experience proportional to their level and at the level of the opponent, regardless of whether they have participated in battle or not. In the original diamond and pearl Pokémon, only the Pokémon who had participated in combat received experience. This means that, if we have a complete team, with six Pokémon, a single confrontation can gain five times more experience than in the original title.

A lot has been discussed the contemporary use of the mechanics of distributing experience within Pokémon. Personally I believe that, in titles like Pokémon sword and shield, the addition ended up being favorable for most players, and although it is true that perhaps the most expert coaches could miss the possibility of more accurately managing the levels and statistics of His creatures, eliminated the need to climb levels actively fighting with wild Pokémon, and doing the process of making us stronger much less tedious. However, this only applies to games that are designed and balanced with the use of this mechanics in mind. In Bright diamond Pokémon and gleaming pearl, distributing experience unbalanced the game, and makes it excessively easy to the point of eliminating any need to learn type tables, optimize attacks or use objects.

What happens is that, essentially, remakes are totally direct translations of the original games, which do not take into account the way in which the new version distributes the experience. This means that both the wild Pokémon, and the Pokémon of the gym leaders and the coaches are at the same level as in the original version. However, we have been receiving a much greater amount of experience to the Nintendo DS titles. Thus, in the original game, we could face a leader who uses level 30 Pokémon with a team with a similar level Pokémon; In this, by when we get to the areas where the fighting presents us this level of demand, our team will probably be at least 40 level. My experience with the game has been that, despite not poisoning in absolutely no time, jumping some combats with NPC and choosing the components of my team based on my personal preference — a water-type Pokémon, another electric, two sinister, A ghost and a psychic — I have not had problems with any confrontation because it exceeded the vast majority of them by pure brute force, even in situations where it would traditionally have been at a disadvantage.

Something similar happens with the new subsoil mechanics. In the original game, the subsoil was a dungeon that served essentially to get objects, unlock fossils and stones and others, and that design has been replaced by one that is similar in structure, but also adds combats with Pokémon. The first time we access Him is quite exciting to find ourselves there, or that we could not get in the game at the time of history in which we are. Have just two medals and be able to add a sailor or a swab to our computer. In addition, the Pokémon of the subsoil are designed to level up as we move forward, so as long as we fight them will be at a level similar to that of our team s Pokémon. The statues of our secret base allow us to adjust the frequency in which the Pokémon of each type — that not necessarily the specific Pokémon — appear in the subsoil, so we can use it to try to get Pokémon more rare. Similarly to what happens with distributing experience, in a vacuum, this mechanics is a very good idea. Add secondary objectives and a system of progress parallel to the main one, as well as being a good way to obtain new creatures for our team. But, as was happening in the previous case, the rest of the game is not adapted to be consistent with it. What has just happened with the subsoil is that the Pokémon of the normal map seem less interesting? They are, in the end, weaker, less varied, and have worse statistics.

The subsoil ends up colliding even with some narrative aspects of the game. There are certain areas of Singh that are special because they are the only place where different creatures can be trapped. However, by the time we get to these areas for normal progression of the plot, these meetings will give us totally the same because we have already seen these creatures tens of times in the subsoil. Exploration, in general, dispelling; We do not ask ourselves what Pokémon we will find next in the next area, nor is we surprised when a strange one appears. In general, if we have already played the game, we know perfectly what creatures we are going to face. And, if we have not done it, we understand that training and capturing in the subsoil is simply much better.

All in all, and returning to the top, I think the original diamond and pearl Pokémon were games good enough and genuine enough to hold a bad remake. If you did not play them at the time, you have surely in these brilliant diamond and pearl, some things that fall in love with. The novice players may appreciate the greatest simplicity of the battles and the reduced Pokédex if it is the first time they are introduced into the RPG facet of the series. But, for the rest, these remakes will probably be insufficient, lacking novelty, and with too many defects to overlook them.

In a general level, perhaps the most worrisome of these deliveries does not have to do exactly with them, but with the state of the Pokémon saga. These games — developed, remember, by INCA, not by Game Freak — seem to show that the lack of innovation behind the last deliveries do not respond to the little energy of any specific study, but to larger problems in the direction and in the Apposition of the Games. Maybe these bad remakes, and good games, but with technical defects, they are but a sample more than the current model is not viable, and that it is necessary to correct if we want to continue loving the saga as we have always done.


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