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Shin Megami Tensei V: Tips and tricks for beginners

Shin Mega mi Tense V is a post-apocalyptic role-playing computer game established by Atlas. It belongs to the Shin Mega mi Tense collection, the main collection of the larger Mega mi Tense franchise. It is produced by Shin Mega mi Tense IV supervisor Kabuki Jamie, and is developed as a hybrid between Shin Mega mi Tense III: Nocturne and also Shin Mega mi Tense IV, including returning gameplay auto mechanics such as raising as well as integrating demons. The game released for the Nintendo Switch in Japan published by Atlas themselves on November 11, 2021, with its globally launch set up for November 12, 2021, where it will be released by Atlas parent firm Sega in North America, and by Nintendo in European territories.

Shin Mega mi Tense V is the fifth and last entry into the RPG series in Atlas shifts. While it is likely that veterans of the series feel at home with this, newcomers can find that there are enough systems launched at the beginning of the game, and can be overwhelming. With that in mind, here are some beginner tips that will help you start your trip without problems in Shin Mega mi Tense V.

Save frequently

Honestly, this can not be exaggerated. SMT V does not have an automatic saving function and there are no control points. This means that if it dies, it will return directly to the main menu, and you must upload your last saved file. This can be quite difficult, especially considering that even the slightest mistake could lead to the annihilation of your group in a regular battle.

In addition to that, the game ends when the protagonist is eliminated, so you should definitely be very careful. Whenever you meet a line source (one of those bright blue light pillars), interacts with it and choose the Chronicle Deeds option to save your game.


Essence Fusion is one of the new mechanics introduced at Shin Mega mi Tense V, and gives you more freedom in the way you build your character, the Albino. As you play, you can open chests and complete secondary missions to achieve several demonic essences. You can also unlock them to buy them in Cadaver s Hollow.

With an essence, you can go to the shadow world and access the essence fusion option through apotheosis. From there, you can choose to inherit skills or affinities for the Jacobin. Essence Fusion is also available for your demons, but you will not be able to change their affinities.

This is especially important, since it is basically the main way to teach new Albino skills. You do not want to stay trapped with that low-level Rio spell forever, right? With essences, you can inherit more powerful spells. It is also a good idea to change your affinities every time you meet a boss, just to make sure that your weaknesses are covered. Each essence can only be used once, so we recommend that you keep these affinity changes for head fights.

8 Tips for Shin Megami Tensei V | Beginner's Guide (Combat Tips, Be Mean, Boss Tricks & More!)


As the game progresses, you will add tons of demons to your group through negotiation and merger. While you are in the world of shadows, we recommend that you keep them in your compendium, especially as you progress and learn new skills.

That way, if you need to use them in the merger process, but you still want to use them for future battles, you can always reconvene them for a fee. Keep in mind that the costs of invocation will increase according to the level of the demon, so be careful with this, especially at the beginning of the game.

If you have a powerful demon who has learned all available skills, it is a good idea to register it. Then, you can summon them again if you need them in combat or for melting purposes. After all, with a demon to the fullest, you will have more options in terms of skills to impart your merged demon.

Use the telescope

Cattle is probably the most useful item you can get at Shin Mega mi Tense V, and you can buy as many as you want in Cadaver s Hollow. It is quite affordable, and you should definitely have some with you at all times.

When you use the spyglass in an enemy in battle, you get all the information you need about it. This includes its affinities, as well as all your abilities available, so you will know what weaknesses you should know in your own group and how to exploit the weaknesses of your enemy.

It is a viable strategy simply use the spyglass in a boss at the beginning of a meeting to get all the information you need and then reload a saved file if you think your group is not enough. I m not ashamed to say that I did this several times during my game, but hey, it allowed me to beat most of the battles quite easily.

go for an end

Shin Mega mi Tense games generally offer at least three endings: law, chaos and neutral. The end you get is determined by the answers you give to certain questions, as well as by the decisions you take during the important moments of the narrative. While it may make sense to make your decisions depending on how you feel at this time, I could leave it with an end with which you may not be completely satisfied.

You will meet most of the main characters in the first two chapters of the game, and it is quite easy to know how the characters are aligned depending on what they say and do. If you choose a path to the beginning of the game and attach to it, it will be much more fun to see how history changes and is formed around your decision.

And these are our advisory advice from Shin Mega mi Tense V. Make sure you search for Shin Megami to get more tips and information about the game.

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