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Alle Final Boss Battles in der Metal Gear

Metal Gear [Metal ɡɪəʳ] (Japanese: メタル ギア Metal GIA) is a series of computer game published by INAMI, created under the instructions of Video Kolyma. Metal Gear is considered a pioneer of the Stealth Genre. The series is understood along with the stroke concept for the extensive staging by intermediate series as well as for the comic relief as contrast to otherwise serious narration. In 1987, the initial part showed up, Metal Gear, for MSX2 residence computer systems. The protagonist of Metal Gear, Solid Snake, is a unique pressures' agent with the goal to infiltrate the fortress in the heart of the Country Outer Paradise to transform off the threat Metal Gear, a bipedal container with a nuclear explosive head. The danger to the globe through nuclear tools is a core component of the narrative of the series. In later on parts, the communication of countries, beliefs, national politics and innovation for the overarching subject of the series comes to be. Originally, Metal Gear was designed as a pure shooter, yet due to the technological restrictions of the MSX2, Video Kolyma developed the suggestion far from an action-oriented video game to a game where hiding before enemy units was the emphasis. The third component, Metal Gear Solid (1998), took control of the standard principles of the first 2 parts, but utilized 3D graphics and also motion picture intermediate sequences for the first time. Through this transition from the two-dimensional to the three-dimensional graphic Video Kolyma was successful with Metal Gear Solid the innovation. Metal Gear Solid [uses] with his synthesis from film thriller as well as action adventure unequaled at that time as a turning point under the PlayStation titles. With Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Discomfort Criterion creator Kolyma 2015 the narrative and also his work the series.

Which boss fights had the best mechanics and the most emotional weight? Here to find out.

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Metal Gear Solid: All Bosses / All Boss Fights and Ending

Gene — Metal Gear Solid: Portable operations

The concept of genes, a product of the follow-up project with superhuman abilities, is fascinating enough. His boss fight? Slightly less. Genes is to race in a position with zero shift by the space, but this step is quite easy to get around (except that it is depleted). It can also be a variety of knives in succession or a set of knives to throw at the same time. These can also be easily circumvented or avoided by standing behind certain objects. You probably notice a pattern here. Nevertheless, genes is quite charismatic and a decent contrast to the ambitions of Big Boss.

Big Boss — Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake

Big Boss — this time the real — returns for another fight and this is slightly better with the larger arena. He still runs mostly around and shooting at Snake, but it works again, given the excellent dramatic tension that has been established. It is quite fascinating to hear how the legend speaks of giving the warrior in and seek the satisfaction that can only bring war. It is to have almost enough to forget about you, that you have defeated him with hairspray and a lighter.

Liquid Snake — Metal Gear Solid

With the Metal Gear Solid era a fundamental step toward dealing came with boss fights and this is certainly here. After disabling of Metal Gear REX, the player in combat against Liquid Snake must fight. One wrong move means that the self-destruct timer expires and Beryl is incapacitated. The mechanics and presentation may fairly be easy, but it proved to be interesting challenge to fight Liquid head-on. And that's before the flight sequence on jeeps.

Metal Gear Zeke — Metal Gear Solid: Peace runners

Who would win? A Turncoat girl in a giant Metal Gear or a snake boy? The answer is pretty obvious at this point. This fight is very cool because Snake uses the hatches on the deck of the nut base as cover. Developed from then on it start to cannon platforms to strike at Zeke, and turned it off long enough to get some shots to make, as it was his bullets and missiles out of the way. It was necessary just enough skills to meet Zeke AI Pod, balanced with the right amount of action and hype (which was supported by KOI no Yokushiryoku, who played in the background to Pay to identify emotions).

Solidus Snake — Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Solidus Snake has always had a weak heritage, the third son of Big Boss and the Patriots was involved. His relationship with Maiden is even more complex than it has essentially killed the parents of the young Jack and raised him a murderer. After Solidus had become thanks to the Patriot President of the United States, he leaned against the organization and eventually ran against Maiden, the key to get to their identity. It is a truly fateful encounter between teacher and student, murderers and victims, each a patriot for himself. Mechanically this fight is unlike anything else in the series. Both fighters rely on swords what solidus corresponds beliefs, but the latter has insane agility and speed. Finally, Maiden overcomes him and solidus falls, cuts through the spine, but not quite dead. This would not be the last time that we would see Jack the Ripper.

Metal Gear Sahelanthropus (second meeting) — Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

If a metal attachment starts a fight by whipping a giant sword and destroyed several tanks and attack helicopters, you know that it means business. Metal Gear Sahelanthropus established immediately as overwhelming threat, and his ruthlessness shows the anger, feels the Eli. What makes Venom Snake? Climb to rocket launchers and armored horses and commanders, to bring everything they fall. The fight has a chaotischeres feeling than other bosses, if you bounce around on horseback, shooting with all of Sahelanthropus and his sword slices and firepower avoids, to be successful. At some point it goes down, and you have the feeling that a titanium was like (although it is not at the end).

Senator Armstrong — Metal Gear Rising: Vengeance

If you want to talk about hype with a big h, then the last fight against Senator Armstrong in Metal Gear Rising: Re vengeance more than qualified. From dodging in front of the breaking flames and heavy beats, the Armstrong divides, to the cutting of rubble with Zaibatsu, this fight has everything to offer. Even the cinematic moments are great without being exaggerated — how to cut Armstrong's arms and then target his heart. Last but not least, Armstrong was portrayed as a reasonable threat in the limited time he had — both physically and ideologically.

The Boss — Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Minsters

There were emotional CQC boss fights in the Metal Gear Solid series, but in terms of drama and weight, the fight with The Boss is almost at the top. This is Naked Snake before he became Big Boss and attacked his mentor to be all over his reason. This is not just a fight to death, but there is also a timer that runs on destruction. And instead of being just a melee, there is — especially in the view of the environment — additional levels of the secretability and shooting. Maybe one of the cooler moments is that The Boss Snake only handles up close, which makes sense and gives Snake another context by putting his stealth and guerrilla tactics to bring them to them.

In the end, Snake is forced to kill his mentor when she announces: There is only room for a boss. Later we learn that everything she had done was in the service of her country, even if it meant, forever as a traitor to be called. It is sufficient to say that the effects that this had on Big Boss and his character over the years are considerable.

Liquid Ocelot — Metal Gear Solid 4: Weapons of Patriots

It had to end like that. Solid Snake, a self-renamed relic of the past, which ended a last mission. Liquid Ocelot, a PMC heavyweight that wants to defeat the patriots. It is fitting that the story of Solid Snake begins and ends in a last fight with his brother. In many ways, the setup reminds of the fight to Metal Gear Solid 1, with Snake inadvertently playing a role in Liquid, plan to create the outer sky. It's all that a fan of the series can wish. And there is more.

The melee himself was pretty good and felt a lot of fluid and responsive than at their first encounter. There were also several callbacks on the old steps of Liquid as the increasing fee. Finally, the two only complement each other and swap Knockdown blows back and forth without growing. If all this was not enough, the Snake Eater title song is also played towards the end, because why not?

Snake gains natural. Ocelot admits that he is the doppelgänger or successor of Big Boss and says a last you are pretty good before he passes.


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