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Axel Bellinghausen: "You do not expect miracle of mine"

Mr. Recklinghausen, have you ever been postulated in a career interview that Cristiano Ronaldo would not notice after three months in the regional league. If an Axel Recklinghausen because in the county league?

No, not at all (laughs). That's the crux: You always talk about 'amateurs', but which can all kick! That's no longer the way it was perhaps someday. Those are some guys who even come from youth academies, himself stepped up to the ball and have at some point decided otherwise, for the job, for example. Time regardless of that we have some 20 years age difference — there must have been much fit that I prick out once there.

2,017 You have disputed their last Bundesliga game. Did you enjoy active football missing something?

The return of the square is due no messing about. Indeed, one also notes: I am not an isolated case, if one follows the across the country. It's nice to see that so many who are still in a 'reasonable' age, go back to the base. Previously, there were mainly the traditional teams, and you can see with what fun all the alumni come before the ball. This is what we have learned what we are fun, which we accompanied a large part of our lives. And suddenly overnight not to be there that can, I think very few.

Axel Recklinghausen (center) with the two coaches Roberto Marquez (left) and Andrea Del Polio. Imago images / photo booth

Why the SC Interface?

We live not far away, as compensation we were earlier time to time there, watching games, and moved us always felt comfortable. The two coaches Roberto Marquez and Andrea Del Polio, I'm also friends. And then the question always came up: 'When you come to us?' That was Jun and romp in the beginning, there was always the point where I said, 'As long as you're still taking an active role in football, that is on the weekends as a player or as an assistant coach in use, gives no sense. When it came down to it in the summer and I was no longer an assistant coach, it was of course immediately: 'And now? How does it look like?' And I regret it for a second, because it's just insanely great fun with the guys. We have a good bond, a good team — even if it just might not be there the standings so forth.

They were everywhere where you have played, crowd favorite. How is that in Interface? Are viewers as critical because they expect from a former professional perhaps special things?

Nah. Most here at SCU know me from my time in Fortuna, so you knew so which one has to reckon. I stood in my career, never for the big show but for honest work. So one expects any miracles from me — because I'd also not able to. I put myself at the service of the team, so I'm always very well run.

The physical game you have retained, or take the age of 38 and occasionally a step less?

In fact, I do that (laughs). On the left wing, I'm not at home, I would not manage it. I moved more to the center. One must not think now, you go with 38 years in the district league and makes because sometimes just on. The times are over. With experience, you can indeed make up a lot, making mistakes, but we are all not immune, just me not in my career. But there are always a few guys there who iron out my mistakes — and vice-versa.

Lower leagues advised indeed sometimes into disrepute, but it's nice to see that there is another way.

Axel Recklinghausen

And how responsive the opponents?

I really have to say: It's a great, respectful treatment. This is something I had hoped for. It's fair, but it's really let it down to business. Sometimes you get a few seconds of time for a chat, since it's off but not to former stories but rather about what happens off our game action. Lower leagues advised indeed sometimes into disrepute, but it's nice to see that there is another way. Sometimes you also meet former companions, who are also in the league on the road, and you have not seen in a while — something is then a cool story.

Were you already during your professional time clear that you later try it again at the base?

No, it was a spontaneous decision. If I see how many of my team colleagues are somewhere in the morning to the evening, but in the evening, but in a good mood come into training, because they have a buck, play football, then you recognize in it exactly the reason why you are as little boy with Football started. Since the professional existence was far away, you just wanted to kick! It's nice that you can take this way back... and you get in mind what you had for luck that you were allowed to play further up. Something what you lose sight of in the course of a career.

They were always considered to be down to earth, the 11 friends they have called the perhaps the last brass eater of the league. How do you look at the changes in the professional business?

At that time we were not such glasses. In my first professional years, there were no forehands, today there are social media. At that time you waited on the career to know something. There was the career special heritage in the summer, so that you could impress the faces with all the data. That was more or less the then social media. And the training has changed, of course, everything is professionalized. Something accelerates the career. In the past, you became a professional, today 17-year-old in the squad. It has changed a lot, but that lies in the nature of the thing.

What I have learned: that I do not see my first row as head coach.

Axel Recklinghausen

They stood after their active career in the season 17/18 as Co in Düsseldorf on the sideline, that too, until they are changed to the marketing department of Fortuna at the beginning of the season as a trainee. I st Trainer business something that comes into question?

Actually not. I am proud of these four years I was allowed to experience, it was a murderous experience and probably the best thing that could happen to me — because as a newcomer, I was lucky enough to work in a professional team immediately. But what I have learned: That I do not see my first row as head coach. I can fully understand when former professionals go this step, but I can deny that for me.

In another interview, they said, I have always realized that I can not finish my whole life with the football that with my modest talent is not enough for the big meat pots. With a bit of distance now: Did you get that out what was possible, or is there what you regret?

I do not regret anything! Refrespagging, I can say: I had a great career, a great time I just in the end — if you could not be driven so — crazy. I had three great clubs — and now also the happy end, in the club I've gotten great. I have regretted no more Sunday decisions that I met on Saturdays (laughs).


Do you have this a reminder to which you think again and again?

What always shoots me immediately in the minds: the very first game I was allowed to do for Fortuna Düsseldorf in the Regionally, visit Prussia Münster. At that time I was still a-teenager, sat on the bench, and suddenly it was said that I should warm up. I did not even bring about what head coach Stefan Emerging wanted me and just stayed. Two minutes later he saw that I'm still there. 'You should make yourself warm, he called. Just when I arrived behind the goal, the 2-0 for Münster fell. We stood in the Oberlin shortly before the descent, had 5000 fans who were not excited. The punk went off. I have been replaced in the halftime, we ultimately lost the game with 0: 2. If you suddenly stand for the first time before so many people, that makes something with 1. A week later, in the home game, hung on the back straight line a big transparent: 'Our youth, our pride', stood there. This included both Jan Bauer and I meant. That was something very special for me, one of the most sustainable moments until today.

Amateur footballer, Trainee in marketing, Member of a gallop racing team — What is the everyday life from Axel Recklinghausen?

Office, that's a new life for me off the football field. One leads many phone calls, learns a lot to deal with the laptop — or at least Andes, as it is as a coach the case (laughs). There is a lot of new territory. I like to spend the time after the office with my wife and also with the horse, and I hope when it comes to the right direction again with the pandemic, meet again more friends, again more spontaneity on the day. That's little thing that has accompanied me for my life, I always liked people around me.

Full of use: Axel Recklinghausen in his last active season in the jersey of the Düsseldorf Fortuna. Imago / Moritz Müller

Axel Recklinghausen was born in 1983 in SIGURG. US 05 Operas was his first club before he first went to the Youth Department of Bayer Leverkusen, then in the Düsseldorf Fortuna. There, the outer railway player managed to jump in the men's area and remained until 2005. Further, stations of the left foot was the 1st FC Kaiserslautern and the FC Augsburg before the return to Fortuna followed 2012. In October 2017, Recklinghausen was appointed a few days after his career end to the new co-trainer at Fortuna Düsseldorf. He come to his career on 76 Bundesliga games (5 goals) and 218 second league games (14 goals).


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