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Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons: The ultimate overview for extension

Guild Wars 2 finally gets his third extension in the form of End of Dragons. This leads us back to a completely different continent from Guild Wars 1, brings nine additional class specializations with themselves as well as a colossal new coop mount! In order to save you the search for individual articles and specials, there is in this ultimate overview to Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons everything you need to know — who wants to know more, of course, get links to deeper articles.

When does the third extension of GW2 appear?

After a shift, the current information for all players is: February 2022 ! An exact release date continues, but once it gives new information when you can play the expansion, of course, we update our information.

Is End of Dragons The Final of Guild Wars 2? Nope!

Even if the name suggests it, the developers clarified: End of Dragons does not constitute the conclusion of Guild Wars 2 or even the end of the MMORPG.

What is it in End of Dragons?


Characters and groups of End of Dragons

As part of the CAN THA story, we will meet new and well-known characters. Thus, the developers already revealed that the pair of Marjory and Easier will play an important role. Also, villain and tethering leader May Train is already in the Cinematic Trailer to see End of Dragons. Mai Train belongs to the oldest opponents from Guild Wars 2 — she was a loser in the living world and has its own boss fractal for 5er player groups. Source: Arena net

The new characters also include other Aetherklingen pirates that Mai Trains Crew. Your new right hand is an Aura called Anika, which has a common past with the Aura Gorrik genius. With Schaufler-Navigator Ivan and Munition Officer Chart Rental, further colorful characters await us with the high-tech pirates. In addition to high-tech opponents with Jade machines, there will also be the classic adversaries in End of Dragons — such as the Nāga (a kind of trait) and the nature guards named overseers. Source: Arena net

Inside the country, the Jadebruderschaft (unscrupulous jade tech fanatic) bounce and the so-called posters. The latter are rather technical enemies, led by the mysterious Tetra, a lane — so a guardian of nature, which has become a kind of living tree. The Jadebruderkee is again led by Chummier, the former business partner of John, which gives less on ethics when it comes to jade technology.

The areas in End of Dragons

End of Dragons is not divided into five, but in four zones, in contrast to Path of Fire:

  • The province of Thing Sea : An island in front of the coast of Cant has. The idyllic and mountainous Eland was already in Guild Wars: Factions The starting point of our hero journey and shines in End of Dragons through magnificent nature and impressive temples. On Thing Sea you will also find the beautiful new guild hall of End of Dragons.

  • Neu-Kaineng : The gigantic metropolis of Cant has has received a new version in the 250 years since Fact age, which benefits particularly strongly by the advances through Jade technology. Concept art to a big city in End of Dragons — whether it is Neu-Kaineng? The probability is great. Source: Arena net

  • The Howard Wilderness: For a long time before the events GW: Fact age was transformed this mighty forest in st1. But in the meantime, nature slowly gets back to what it was taken. Here players meet the remains of the Kubrick — a vassal nation from the time of facts that look like mighty Gothic cathedrals in petrified trees. As opponents, both the speakers and Jadebruderschaft are active here. The friendly Kestrel, on the other hand, focus mainly of the humanoid bird walk Ten — they had fled here when an Emperor wanted to distribute all non-people from Cant ha.

  • The Demeter: ​​ And the Howard is the Demeter Result of the Death Kaiser Murderer Shirt Karachi. The green sea is frozen, but is now used by Cantons for the valuable Jade like a quarry.

Nine elite specializations from End of Dragons

As well as the two previous extensions POF and Hot ensures End of Dragons for the playing of all nine classes expanded. This ensures new skill trees for elite specializations. About these GW2 classes get access to other weapon types and other mechanics — a Mesmer moves as a virtuoso about a dagger and uses telekinetic blades instead of cloning, while the engineer sends a jade much into the fight in the hand.

Looks best in our detailed overview of all elite specializations from End of Dragons !

New armor, weapons and legendary

Of course, we will be in Fashion Wars Uh Guild Wars 2 (Buy Now €49.95) with the new extension also gain access to new weapons and armor. For example, the flame snake kin, of which pre-order from End of Dragons can choose one before the release of the extension. Various arms sets have already revealed the developers with teaser images:

See all 12 pictures in the gallery

New Jade Armor Set from Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons in the Preview of Arena net [Source: Arena net]

Of course, the Legendary of the third generation make something from all new weapons from End of Dragons. Instead of one's own looks for each weapon type, there will be a legendary weapon set based on the dragon name Laurene. Who does not look at the visually, who may be happy. After the launch of End of Dragons, the developers will enable the opportunity to optically change these new legendary based on the other defeated dragons — so something Nero look for the undead kite Haitian or frosty as the ice dragon Format. The new Legendary of End of Dragons will eventually be able to optically change so that they are modeled on other dragons as an Laurene. Source: Guild Wars / Arena net

New Strikes in End of Dragons: What does it change?

As a final game challenge for ten players wave to End of Dragons new attack missions (Strike). This content that can be seen as a Raid Light has taken its beginning in the ice break saga. For the launch of End of Dragons there will be several new strikes that as an innovation will also have a challenge mode. This should really bring the best players to RAID levels sweat and then reward with exclusive items. The developers have already stressed extra that the strikes are only designed in their challenge version, which is then made easier for the normal and story instance version. The challenge modes are unlocked in the weeks after release so that players can only deal with the normal versions and new class specs.

The more complicated currency system of the previous attack missions is revealed — the EOD strikes will have a single currency with which we can reward ourselves for our successes with equipment, Skins & Co. This change is also integrated retroactively for the icebrutsaga attack missions. But who rather plays the new EOD strikes, can exchange their currency against the ice break saga.

The new masters of End of Dragons

Since Heart of Thorns are dominating from Guild Wars 2: permanent upgrades for all heroes of our account. For example, in the past, we have learned about the sliding, freely activated or also trained the use of strengthening essences. In End of Dragons, there will be five new dominants for the launch:

The siege turtle — the co-found

Bock on even more cool animals in End of Dragons? While all characters can ride the turtle, the forest runner also gets four new animal companions. finds out which! A premiere represents the new turtle mount. Because on this two players can take place — a pilot and a shooter. The latter controls the jade guns of the monster and can attack opponents during the little. The turtle with new skills is reinforced over the controls, whereby more ammunition is available or even all the wets of your heroes get more life points. Further information can be found in a separate article for siege turtle .

boating with the skiff

Although we can already quickly over the water thanks to Schweberkochen from Path of Fire, but in End of Dragons we turn off its own boat. On the so-called skiff we can even walk around and drive around several players. The domination bonuses increase the lifestyles of the ship, make it faster and give us angel bonuses. Right, heard, fishing!

Fishing in End of Dragons

One of the biggest innovations from End of Dragons is the activity fishing. With this new control, her fish captures and can achieve extra-trolls with special fishing sites. The captured fish are of course important for new cooking recipes, but should also be important for the new legendary. If you do not feel like fishing, the prey will be able to buy from other players. Incidentally, fishing will be possible everywhere in Syria, not only in the EOD area Cant ha. Progress at Fishing Mastering Lets you see good fishing spots easier, gives you a saturated-buff angel bonuses or also reduces the necessary fishing time.

Arbor stein help to new splendor

Similar to the Eye of the North, there will be a hub place in End of Dragons, which we can improve. The magnificent Kubrick ruin is located in the open world and also houses skirt puzzles and other activities. Using the appropriate control, we secure new bonuses and build this place again — but so far no details on the individual control advances are available.

And the fifth mastery?

Four out of five dominants are known so far. But how exactly we reinforce our characters with the fifth is currently unclear. However, it will probably soon be info — before end of dragons appears. New hairstyles and faces ensure that your heroes fit perfectly to Cant ha. The new options are already available before the Launch of End of Dragons. Source: Arena net

End of Dragons brings new hairstyles and faces

A feature of the new extension can already enjoy all players. Because developers have given additional options for character adaptation as preparation for the Far Eastern setting of all playable peoples. So if you use a transfer kit kit or simply creates a new hero, can choose brand-new faces and special hairstyles with Cant ha Flair .


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