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CyberPunk 2077 Xbox One X is also delivered with the first DLC

A few weeks ago, Microsoft and CD Projekt Red unveiled their Xbox One X CyberPunk 2077 in limited edition. It has a beautiful color palette of blue, yellow, black and metal that we also see in the art of the box for the game. The controller who accompanies it is composed of red, black and metal panels with "no future" engraved in the plates. There are only 45,000 sold. It seems that there are many, but with the number of fans who will want it, you will not want to sit on this purchase. As if the look and exclusivity were not enough for you to want it, the console also comes with a free little bonus. According to Microsoft, this limited edition console will be delivered with a code for the first major DLC. These news would probably not be the point of sale if someone was on the closing of the package, but if you have pre-ordered it or consider getting it, it makes the transaction even more enjoyable. The fans that are committed enough to buy the console probably planned

Final FantFinaly VI Pixel RemFinalter will have 3D scenes and songs in Spanish

Final FantFinaly VI Pixel RemFinalter It will not be satisfied with being a HD-2D reissue of the sixth numbered episode of the Square Enix saga, but will bring a series of changes that will demonstrate the production values ​​of this reconstruction work From mythical title. Specifically, the official Twitter account hFinal confirmed that the famous opera scene hFinal been updated with new 3D graphics and will have dubbing in seven languages ​​ . Final FantFinaly VI Pixel RemFinalter, what improvements include? All news Final FantFinaly VI Pixel RemFinalter: Date and price of the game and the full collection Those who are made with Final FantFinaly VI Pixel RemFinalter on PC This Wednesday will be able to enjoy the opera scene in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese and Korean. Unpublished in the original title. Here we speak more about the Pixel RemFinalter series, including the price and date of launching the now protagonist. Final FantFinaly VI Pixel RemFinalt

1. FC Union Berlin: PSV

Center-back Timo Baumgartl has not yet decided whether he wants to stay out over the summer at the Football Bundesliga 1. FC Union Berlin . "I feel well here. We have a cool team," said the 25-year-old "picture" newspaper. "But I can not say if I stay. I'm still thinking about my girlfriend and my advisor." Baumgartl has been borrowed at the Köpenicker since the past summer for a year from the Dutch first division of PSV. Union has a purchase option after hearing. "In a loan agreement, three parties have to play: Union, the root club and myity," said Baumgartl. The Berliners want to find the success track on Saturday at Arminia Bielefeld (15:30 / Sky) after the team last lost two games. "It is important to be cold cutter in front of the gate and to collect fewer goals," said Baumgartl. "We'll show a reaction because I am good things." By the way, Baumgartl studied since 2016. "I wanted to study, even with

Stuttgarter Kickerss: Question of Wler, not of the need

Marc Stein has arrived at the Stuttgart Kickerss. The sports director, who initiated his service in Degerloch on January 1, looked at his start in some well-known faces from his time as a player between 2013 and 2016. At that time, the Kickerss were third division and should be back soon, at least one part of the still big fan base hopes. Stone thinks in smaller steps: "We have to further develop Step-by-Step." Of course, stone also knows, the Kickerss plan to become a medium to long term to become part of professional football, "and then you have to play more than just a league higher," but first the goal is regional league. "There we want to establish ourselves first and play a good role as soon as the climb worked." In the narrow title race of the Oberliga Baden-Württemberg, the Kickerss must inevitably look to the sharpest competitor SGV Freiberg. "In general, we prefer to look at us," emphasizes stone that confidently blends: "If we

Southern 3, Saturday, Made Dark Fantasy RPG

CD Project Red (CDPR), including third main game directories, and manufactures dark fantasy RPGs , and Dark Fantasy RPG. The Conrad Tomashki Ebitz, who was inherited by the 3 game director, said that on the 16th, the New Studio 'Rebel Wolves' was established in Poland. In addition to the Conrad, the design director Daniel Sadoski, which was participating in the first side of the Saddle 3, Watch Warriel, and the Word of the Shadow Warrior, and the 2nd, CDPR is a company established by the development of the development of the development of the development. The game prepared by Level Wolves is a Dark Fantasy RPG that is an AAA class. It is created based on Unreal Engine 5, and the platform is PS5, Xbox series X, PC. Looking at the disclosed concept art, it looks similar to the position of the primitive dress, the character and the devil of the primitive dress. Level Wolves is 12 people, but plans to expand the studio scale and personnel for more than 80 people. Level Wolv

Horizon Forbidden West: Activation, Preload, Test & Tips

The release of Horizon Forbidden West moves closer: The activation takes place on 18 February . The new action roleplay of Guerrilla Games starts on time at midnight on PS5 and PS4. Anyone who has pre-ordered the new adventure for Hero's Aloy as a digital version increases directly at 0 o'clock in the game. PS5 buy: Today PlayStation 5-drop at Amazon before release of PS5 game Horizon Forbidden West? Play5 03/22 with title story about Horizon: Forbidden West, Preview for Forspoken, Test to Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Activation - when does Horizon Forbidden West start? German and English language output in comparison Preloads: Horizon 2 in advance Horizon Forbidden West: Test for the new Action RPG PS4 VS PS5 - graphics comparison So that you do not have to stop a huge download for the activation, you reach back to the Preload: The pre-downloads have been possible since February 11, with around 96 gigabytes, which are also quite extensive. That the purchase is worthwhile t

Roiseland also gains pursuers - Hinz from 55 to 21

The golden splendor of the single triumph of Denise Herrmann is becoming weaker after the next moderate Olympic idea of ​​the German biathlaces. Also in the persecution race, it did not make any of the best ten on Sunday from the quartet around the single Olympic champion in China. Vanessa Voigt made in Zhangjiakou as twelfth still for the best placement. The Olympic debutant was after ten kilometers and a shooting error 2: 48.4 minutes behind the winner Marte Olsbu Roiseland. The Norwegian was holding her third gold after the successes in the mixed season and in the sprint. Silver secured himself as in the sprint with 1: 36.5 minutes behind the Swedish Elvira Öberg. Bronze went 12.2 seconds behind at World Champion Tiril Eckhoff from Norway. Eckhoff overhauled on the final round still her compatriot Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold, who only stumbled on the last kilometer and managed it with the last strength. The 25-year-old broke collapsed and had to be treated. The Franziska Preuß c

Friends Games, Time Slot NFT Service Today's 3-day open

Data provided - Friends Games The Friends Games (co-represented by co-representing, urauan) opened a block chain that utilizes an alternative and unparalleled (NFT) (NFT, NFT). The time slot, which divides the time to NFT, and the time slot that sells time by 10 minutes, and the time slot NFT service, "Todayise," is a software stability, and improve service stability, and open the formal service this time. Compared to software, it is possible to expand the percentage of transactions to the past 1900, and the PC Web can be identified as a real-time NFT, and the NFT auction feature that can acquire multiple time slot NFTs through auctions through auctions.. Friends Games Lee, Lee, chairman of the platform, said, "Memorial celebrating formal launches, the events that have been paid for a single coupon for free for free. With the KakaoTalk, Anyone who has a free coupon can be used to buy a special time slot NFT, so I want to buy a special time slot NFT. " On

Rock Star Games, PS5 and Xbox Series X

Rocksta Games released the GTAV new details for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, including the update of the contract , First, you can continue to enjoy GTAV story from today's GTA online to today's GTA online. The player can establish a Franklin Clinton to establish a famous problem solving office, and enjoy a new game such as security agreements, public telephone assassination, including tracking the stolen office of Doctor Dress. In addition, it is possible to experience a short travel cooperative story that is suffering from Franklin and Rama's point of the ability of fluid departure. Rock Star Games will make it possible to play a short trip right away from the work menu, even if more players can enjoy a short journey so that they can enjoy a short trip. On March 15, GTA V and GTA online are available on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S platform. In the new generation version, you can experience the latest console, such as an immersive 3D audio, including 4K resolution, up