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In Elden Ring, I trick, where it only works and have the fun of my life

While others are slowly tormented by from Softwar's masterpiece, Stephan facilitates life with double-caps, boulders, and above all door frames.

In Elden Ring or other souls games, people will meet again and again, the similar phrases out like: "One has played a Souls game properly, if..." Most of the time comes with a great sword, no magic, no shield, Blindfold and Dance Dance Revolution Controller. You know sure what I mean.

I prefer to stay free from Nietzsche (or Assassins Creed): "Nothing is true, everything is allowed." If I give me a game tools, I also use them. Finally, they are there to facilitate the game. A screwdriver is finally there, so that I do not have to turn the screw into the wood with the fingernail. Therefore, I trickse in Elden Ring, where it only works and have so much fun as long ago.

Stephan Zielke Since Stephan has wrested primarily guides for the Elden Ring for about two years, it's almost his job to find out the way of the slightest resistance of a game. After all, you do not want to read "Gitgud" in Guides, but have the easier strategy to defeat a nasty boss.

Therefore, he amused his colleagues with the strangest bosskills, effective farm methods and overpower item combinations, if he does not make it completely broken the game.

The best weapon of the game are doors

THE Most BROKEN & OVERPOWERED Build In Elden Ring! Become OP In Elden Ring Now! As FROM software announced that Elden Ring will offer an open-world, I knew directly that I would be able to use that to my benefit. And I was right.

Almost every boss of the open world I could defeat with smaller geometry tricks. These are for example between two rocks, do not come up on walls or find no direct path to me. Thanks to silver fog and poison arrows, I can make a new coffee in the time laughing, while the lifebarks of my opponents are tucking down slowly.


Doors Boss walls


It turned out to be particularly effective, to my own surprise, doors, through which many bossons simply do not fit through. If you keep the right distance, then you usually spam one to two attacks that do not reach you. So you kill opponents, which should actually be too much for you.

My favorite victims are dragons

Especially the poor dragons of the game world suffered greatly under my experimentation. Although I could have slowly and horsed her in an epic fight to horses, but who has time for something like that? Instead, I discovered their ultimate weakness: I just throw them nine stones in the face.

The magic Stone Schleuder whirls three boulders through the air, which also further pursue their goal. If you meet the head of a dragon three times, then this is 100% stunned and open to critical attacks. You can repeat this as long as you want. Because three spells take about the same time a dragon needs to restore and roar a little. This will make you light sacrifice up to the last day of the game.

Two is Better

But I had the most fun with the Imitatorträne . Sometimes I am even uncertain whether I played the game, or my silver doppelganger. This not only copies my equipment, but also all my spells. Thus, bosses then flies even more stones, double overstanded Kamehamehas and arms arts with 1200 damage of the moon veil -Katanas **** to the heads.

In addition, the bosses die very quickly through the double construction of the bleeding effect. The opponents can often defeat that my doppelganger and I gave light attacks with this effect, which was then twice as quickly triggered. Thus, more than half of all bossons lie directly at the first attempt in the dirt.

In this article, Samara explains how to find the moon veil:

__16 __1

more on the subject

Elden Ring: Find Moon Club Katana


plays as you want it

Maybe you even even have better strategies. Or I have brought you to a few ideas, as you can make Elyden ring a bit easier. But the most important thing you should take away is that you have fun. Everyone has joy in a video game and Elden Ring is the perfect example of this.

It pushes a lot of tools in the hand, but you decide what you do. I definitely had a lot of friends in making the game as "broken" as possible and the second round is already in the starting blocks. Because I have such a few ideas there - and that's not like the bosses.


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