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Star Wars: 23 After, Liam Neeson ready to put his Jedi costume, but under conditions!

In a little bit more than a month, the subscribers in Disney + will finally discover the new adventures of Obi-Wan Kenobi, always embodied by Ewan McGregor. He will be accompanied by Hayden Christensen, who will resume his role of Anakin Skywalker on his side from Dark Vador. 48,998 views This is why several people wondered if other prelogy actors could return in future productions, whether planned for cinema or television. "Concentrate on the present moment, feel, don't think, make yourself your instinct" We think of Nathalie Portman, Samuel L. Jackson, Ray Parker (Dark Maul), reinstated in solo: A Star Wars Story , Ahmed Best (Jar Jar Binks), but also of Liam Neeson . Known for his role in taken, the list of Schindler or even Gangs of New York , it was also Qui-Gon Jinn , the Jedi master who formed Obi-Wan and who fell under the blows of Dark Maul in star Wars Episode I: the ghost threat . Twenty-three years After the film's release in the cinema, th

Announced a new game of Star Wars: With the return of Amy Hennig, Screenwriter of Uncharted

Good times to be a fan of Star Wars! After the EA exclusively concluded, there are several videogames that have been announced. First it was Ubisoft, then Electronic Arts itself and now is Skydance New Media who has announced a new development in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games. And eye, because the project paints interesting. It will be a _ game of "Action and Adventures based on the narrative that presents an original story in the Galaxy of Star Wars" _ . What we know is that at the forefront of the Protect is Amy Hennig as a writer and director: in the Her, Sagas as Legacy of Kain, Jak and Daxter and Uncharted . You have to remember, besides, that she participated in Star Wars 1313, a project that was good looking, but finally canceled. Now, she can take off that spinner. "I have often described how to see Star Wars in 1977 essentially reconnected my 12-year-old brain, molding my creative life and my future indelibly," said Hennig, president of Skyda

PlayDate: There will be 24 games delivered with the console in crank, here is the list

After 3 years of waiting, Playdate is finally a reality since the first copies (which were pre-ordered in August 2021) are being shipped to their users. On the press side, we received our copy a week ago and since then, we have fun with this machine not like the others. If we have already offered our unboxing with our velvet white gloves, PANIC has updated its official website to clarify some important details for the marketing of this playDate. First of all, it is useful to recall its concept, based on a seasonal system to buy. The first, included when buying the portable console, has no less than 24 games in total! It was twice that the initial figure that had been promised at the first prototypes that we could try at the Pax West 2019. Basically, buying the PlayDate at $ 179 (about 164 €), you are insured to leave with 24 games that will be downloadable over the days and weeks of use. Indeed, the principle of games functions as surprise packages that we discover in the right of i

PS4 Gets the Remasterization of PS2 Cult Classic this summer

This summer will be launched a remastery of a classic worship of PS2, and is not surprising that the new version is launch through PS4. The surprising thing is that it will not be thrown through PS5, but will come to Nintendo Switch. Fortunately, for PlayStation fanatics who have migrated from PS4 to PS5, the game can be played in the latter through compatibility with previous versions. We do not know why the game does not reach PS5 natively, but it is possible that the port is saved for a launch after the launch. As for the game in question, it is called grimgrimio One once more and is a Remaster of Grim-Rimorio , a real-time strategy game of 2007 from Vanillaware, the developer behind the game of Nintendo Switch best qualified so far this year. Posted by Nippon Ichi Software or Koei According to the region, grimgrimio was an exclusive PS2 when it was launched and years later, PS2 remains the only platform in which you can play. After its launch, the game obtained a 79 in Metac

FFXIV: Alle Orchestrion

_ **** _ _ Final Fantasy XIV _ has attracted exponential attention as always and with patch 6.1 have spoiled many existing players and recurring players with everything the new patch has to offer. Including all the other supplements new Orchestrion Rolls came into the game, and there is certainly a lot of it to be found. This guide guides you through all novelties FFXIV 6.1 orchestral rolls and how to get them. FFXIV 6.1 orchestral rollers There are many new orchestrium roles and one of the orchestrion roles is the "Gateway to Paradise" orchestrion role that can easily be purchased on one of the gold saucer profit exchanges in the center roulette. The purchase for your character costs you 50,000 MGP. In terms of all other new FFXIV Orchestrion Rolls, there are also all the following new orchestrion rolls: Post-effects - This can be purchased by the hard version of the dungeon of Amdapor Keep. Black steel, cold glow - can be purchased for 350 'bicolor Gemst

NBA Play-In: Atlanta Hawks wahren Playoff

Die Atlanta Hawks haben ihre Chance auf die Playoffs gewahrt. Im 9-10-Play-In-Spiel gegen die Charlotte Hornets gewann das Team um Trae Young souverän mit 132:103, wobei der All-Star nicht einmal seinen besten Abend erwischte. Atlanta Hawks (9) - Charlotte Hornets (10) 132:103 (BOXSCORE) Charlotte bricht im dritten Viertel komplett ein Atlanta Hawks (9) - Charlotte Hornets (10) 132:103 (BOXSCORE) Young hatte vor allem in der ersten Halbzeit Schwierigkeiten, zeitweise vergab der Point Guard acht Würfe am Stück. Charlotte hatte den All-Star während der Regular Season so gut wie kein anderes Team verteidigt, im Laufe des Spiels fand der 23-Jährige aber Wege, um die Defense zu bestrafen und kam letztlich auf 24 Punkte (8/24 FG) und 10 Assists. Viel wichtiger für die Hawks war jedoch, dass auch die anderen Starter lieferten. Clint Capela (15, 17 Rebounds, 3 Blocks) erinnerte mit seiner Vorstellung an das überragende Vorjahr, Kevin Huerter (13) und De'Andre Hunter (22, 7 Rebounds) nut

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football gives me the faith in fun football matches

Studio : Nintendo Release: 10. June 2022 Platforms: Nintendo Switch Genre: Sports game A kicker light strip on the horizon New elements for hopefully more fun A simple hope Football has always belonged to my really big passions in addition to video and board games. Where a football was, there was often me, which is why I have always watched the career of football matches. However, while there were quite times in which both FIFA and the PES series fed to the pad, the games have decreased significantly in recent years, with their sad highlight last year. There FIFA felt - that actually in the core is an excellent football game - for me only to Öder routine, which could not really pack me so much. And Efootball ? Well, this "game" and successor of the PES series I appreciated so immense I broke me the heart as well as colleague Hannes, that I really do not want to talk about it. A kicker light strip on the horizon Turkey prospects for me as a virtual football fan -

Simulator lawn mower: the game finally goes out on PS5 and PS4, a new trailer

Remember, it was a year ago: Curve Digital told us the release of Lawn Mowing Simulator at a time on PC and Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. Since the announcement had been made a few days before April 1, 2021, many who have had a fish from April in advance. Nenni, after one year of exclusivity on the Microsoft consoles, the title finally lands on PS5 and PS4. In real, this lawn mower simulator is out of March 31, 2022 as the Playstation Store indicates, but the launch trailer just arrived. The opportunity to contemplate some of the machines that will be able to control in order to cut the most beautiful lawn of the world, in idyllic decors. Obviously, the largest manufacturers will be present and the fans will be able to have fun with Toro, Scag and Stiga material to name as they.

[PWS] Overwhelming Guangdong Prix ... 2nd and 50 gradually

Guangdong Prix obtained chicken from the fifth match of the Grand Final 3 Days. 9th Battle Ground East Asia Regional Integrated Isphrose Competition '2022 Pub Weekly Series: Phase 1 (PWS Phase 1)' Grand Final 3 was held. The Grand Final was confirmed by 16 entry into the cumulative point rankings obtained from the Weekly Final for four weeks. Domestic ▲ Guangdong Prix ▲ Dana and Isphos ▲ Office Sports ▲ YENGE ▲ EMETECT Storm X ▲ Emperor ▲ ▲ Maru Gaming ▲ Beronia ▲ Ettyi ▲ Veronica 7 ▲ 11 teams, including 11 teams, Japan ▲ Enter force 36 ▲ 3 teams such as Sun Succeed, Taiwan is ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ 2 teams, including Global ISPOTS EXESS, said. This match magnetic field was formed of Miramaros Leones. Emmatech Storme, Emmec Storme, the beginning of the game, has not been able to punch the defense in the process of stinging the crown house with Dana and Isphorrent. Three Phase Maru Gaming was built on the Eaglees' ambus in the process of deprotted using the vehicle. Veronica

How to perform the task "Your weapon, you will not need it" in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Players have something to do in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. The game covers nine films in the same name, offering players hundreds of collectibles and dozens of tests. With such a large number of cases there will be one or two tasks with which some players will be difficult to figure out. One of the confusing level problems in the game Your weapon, it will not need it which can be found at the level of the episode IV "Best Lei Plans". how to complete your weapon, it will not be needed in Best Leia'D Plans To perform this level test, players must go through the first floor of this enemy base so that their cover is not disclosed . Players will begin the level of the attack aircraft, and Chii will take on the role of "prisoner" to deceive other attack aircraft in the area. There is no trick in this level test, but it can be difficult to avoid combat and interact with enemies. Players will have to solve several puzzles, including to make an improvi

[PWS] Quick judgment stand Out in Guangdong Prix, 11 Kill Chicken ... 1 day 1st place finish

Guangdong Prix has paid chicken in the last match of the Grand Final 1 day. 7 Day Battle Ground East Asia Regional Integrated Isphrotics Competition '2022 Pub Weekly Series: Phase 1 (PWS Phase 1)' Grand Final 1 was held. The Grand Final was confirmed by 16 entry into the cumulative point rankings obtained from the Weekly Final for four weeks. Domestic ▲ Guangdong Prix ▲ Dana and Isphos ▲ Office Sports ▲ YENGE ▲ EMETECT Storm X ▲ Emperor ▲ ▲ Maru Gaming ▲ Beronia ▲ Ettyi ▲ Veronica 7 ▲ 11 teams, including 11 teams, Japan ▲ Enter force 36 ▲ 3 teams such as Sun Succeed, Taiwan is ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ 2 teams, including Global ISPOTS EXESS, said. The last match magnetic field was formed by Eranel Malta Power. In the early days of the economy, I was aware of Emec Tom Tom X, which was ambually ambified during the shore. However, I was finished with the fast push of Dana and ISPOT. Genji built a blocking line in a small factory and has been made of Dana and the access of the Isphos,

Jujutsu Kaisen: These are the favorite skills of fans

The anime of _ jujutsu kaisen _ is one of the most acclaimed in recent years . In this type of case, popularity surveys are quite common. Although we usually see questions related to characters or moments in history, the community of jujustu kaisen has revealed what their favorite techniques are. Through a vote held in Shonen Jump, they have revealed what are the 19 skills of the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, which their fans would want to have in real life. If you have seen the anime or read the sleeve, the number one post should not be a big surprise. -Limited GOJO. -Spire Special Degree Cursed From Yuta: Rika -The divine dogs of Fushiguro Malévolo Santuario de Sukuna -Bogie woogie of everything -The Black Flash of Itadori -Discursed Toge -The maximum Uzumaki of Geto Mahito's inactive transfiguration -The spear inverted from toji sky -The resonance of Kugisaki -You're three of Nanamin Maki dragon sleeves Damn Tariants of Director Yaga -Supernova ch

Barcelona President Joan Laporta continues to believe in Super League: European football rescue

Joan Laporta still believes in the future of a European Super League. In the interview with the TV channel TV3 , the Barca President announces that the plans continue to drive further. The 59-year-old also expressed himself to the championship race in Spain. "We promote the project with Florentino Perez (President of Real Madrid, Note d. Red.) With whom I talk a lot," said the President of the FC Barcelona. The criticism of many fans on the Super League plans can not understand Laporta. He wanted to save the "European football," he said - at the same time practiced criticism of Manchester City and Paris-Saint Germain. "We can not allow European football in the hands of states that are not belonging to the European Union. It is clear that City and PSG have a money maker, and we fight," said Laporta. Not only the Catalans, Real Madrid and Juventus Turin are supporters of the project, revealed the Barca boss. Further clubs were behind the plans, but

[LCK Final] I got two sets with the art.

YENGE 'Chobi' Jung Jung-hoon 2 days, Goyang City, Goyang City, Goyang-si, KINTEX, '2022 League of Legend Champions Korea (LCK) Spring' in the first exhibition hall, T1 has been angry at the beginning of the bottom line. Diana, 'Older' Moon Hyun-joon, was stabbed the bottom line with the Rise of 'Paker', and the "Rule" and raised the prospect of Park Jae-hyuk. Jenge's counterattack was only. 'Choke' Jung Ji-hoon's Ari succeeded in the T1 'Zeus' Choi Woo-gyu. In the ninth group, the help of 'peanut' Han Wang Ho's Heline's Hopping 'Doran Choi, Hyun-jun, and he gave Lucian, and dragged the line before he grabbed Lucian. As I fought into the operating phase, the strength of T1 was revived. Especially, Lucian was alive and survived 5 kils from the 16th). Within this T1 was demolished to the mid 2nd tower and rolled the snowball. However, since 22 minutes, the pursuit of YENGE is greater. I took my