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FFXIV: Alle Orchestrion

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_ Final Fantasy XIV _ has attracted exponential attention as always and with patch 6.1 have spoiled many existing players and recurring players with everything the new patch has to offer. Including all the other supplements new Orchestrion Rolls came into the game, and there is certainly a lot of it to be found. This guide guides you through all novelties FFXIV 6.1 orchestral rolls and how to get them.

FFXIV 6.1 orchestral rollers

There are many new orchestrium roles and one of the orchestrion roles is the "Gateway to Paradise" orchestrion role that can easily be purchased on one of the gold saucer profit exchanges in the center roulette. The purchase for your character costs you 50,000 MGP.

In terms of all other new FFXIV Orchestrion Rolls, there are also all the following new orchestrion rolls:

  • Post-effects - This can be purchased by the hard version of the dungeon of Amdapor Keep.
  • Black steel, cold glow - can be purchased for 350 'bicolor Gemstones' at Garlemald.
  • Descent - This can be purchased by the DUSK Vigil Dungeon.
  • Dreams of man - can be bought for 350 'bicolor Gemstones' in labyrinthos.
  • Feast of hunting - This can be bought for 1000 crystals in the Wolves' the pier.
  • Tor to paradise - acquired with gold saucer as mentioned above.
  • Home Beyond the Horizonts - can be purchased for 350 'Bicolor Gemstones' at Garlemald.
  • in equilibrium - This is available in the RAID of the Aglaia alliance.
  • Like a summer rain - acquired by the NeverReap Dungeon.
  • Perfumed advance can be bought at Radz-At-Han for 350 'Bicolor Gemstones'.
  • Pilgrimage - acquired by the raid of the Aglaia Alliance.
  • Prayers repeatedly can be bought for 350 'bicolor Gemstones' at thavnair.
  • Gloss - acquired by the raid of the Aglaia Alliance.
  • Run! - This can be bought for 1000 crystals in the Wolves' the pier.
  • Star Lights and Sellswords - bought for 5000 gil in areas such as residential areas.
  • stars long dead - can be purchased at ELPIs for 350 'bicolor Gemstones'.
  • The day will come - can be purchased at Old Sharlayan for 350 "Bicolor Gemstones".

calm orchestrion rolls to have in your house [FFXIV PLAYLIST] * The last day - can be synthesized with materials obtained from Wandering Minstrel. * The card unfolds - can be purchased in the Dungeon Alzadaal's Legacy. * The Nautilus white - can be purchased at Old Sharlayan for 350 "Bicolor Gemstones". * Lively voices - can be purchased at Radz-At-Han for 350 "Bicolor Gemstones". * Warm up - This is bought for 1000 crystals in the Wolves' the pier. * Welcome to our city! - Can be purchased at Mare Lamentorum for 350 "Bicolor Gemstones". * aligned with hearts - can be synthesized with materials that have been won by Wandering Minstrel.

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As can be seen, there is certainly a lot to collect, and your Bard itself will really enjoy gaining all these new orchestrion rolls. Some are easier to acquire than others, but there will be a lot of pleasure to acquire them all throughout the experience. Given the sheer number of new Orcestrion roles, your collection of new Orcestrion roles will increase sharply!

_ FINAL FANTASY XIV _ is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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