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Jujutsu Kaisen: These are the favorite skills of fans

The anime of _ jujutsu kaisen _ is one of the most acclaimed in recent years. In this type of case, popularity surveys are quite common. Although we usually see questions related to characters or moments in history, the community of jujustu kaisen has revealed what their favorite techniques are.

Through a vote held in Shonen Jump, they have revealed what are the 19 skills of the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, which their fans would want to have in real life. If you have seen the anime or read the sleeve, the number one post should not be a big surprise.

-Limited GOJO.

-Spire Special Degree Cursed From Yuta: Rika

-The divine dogs of Fushiguro

  • Malévolo Santuario de Sukuna

-Bogie woogie of everything

-The Black Flash of Itadori

-Discursed Toge

-The maximum Uzumaki of Geto

  • Mahito's inactive transfiguration

-The spear inverted from toji sky

-The resonance of Kugisaki

-You're three of Nanamin

ALL Jujutsu Abilities Explained! - The Jujutsu Kaisen Power Guide

  • Maki dragon sleeves

  • Damn Tariants of Director Yaga

-Supernova choso.

-The manipulation of the black bird of Mei Mei

-Hechicing of naobito projection

-The damn technique of Tengen's immortality

-Modo gorilla de panda

The unlimited technique of Gojo allows the user to create an infinite space barrier between him and the goal of him. In this way, basically a defense is created that is almost impenetrable. From the list, Stresses that only two have not appeared in the anime , and at the moment they are exclusive from the manga, so they could upload their position once we see the second season of jujutsu kaisen in 2023.

On related topics, the next chapter of the manga has been delayed. Similarly, jujutsu kiasen break a record of One Piece.


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