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Meeting with Klaus Augenthaler on his 65th birthday celebration

Mr. Morgenthaler, you will certainly be 65 years old this Monday. Congratulations. What does this birthday celebration imply for you?

It is a limit that is exceeded. When I was 60 years old, I assumed it would certainly go. At 61, 62, 63 it is manageable once again and the very same every single time; Today I'm anxious. He was an ancient male for me when I was a little man and also became my grandfather 65. But there is this track that Udo Jürgen I got to know privately: at the age of 66 when life starts. I will now live under this new adage (smile).

Do you have difficulties with getting old?

When I search in the mirror, I believe: my god! There are folds up without end in my face. I had folds up at the age of 40, which is genetically due to.

Nevertheless, they still have hair.

Grey (laughs). It is essential just how you really feel.

Do you really feel the years?

The knee injures a little if I kick a little twice a week twice a week. However, it is excellent if it harms, after that you know that you are still alive. At this age you have to be delighted to stand up healthy and balanced every morning.

Just how will you shape the time yet age limitation?

I will certainly try to quit cigarette smoking.

You haven't had this great intentions for a very long time?

You were additionally a cigarette smoker as a gamer.

I did it overnight when I turned 60. I was sitting at supper with pals in Graz as well as stated that currently it's over. Furthermore, I held it out for around 4 weeks. Regarding four weeks later I was in China, there was an Erdinger-Weißbier cellar in the resort, yet there was barely any kind of individual in this resort. I didn't have cigarettes with me. At an air program for design airplane I saw a Chinese that smoked as well as asked him for a cigarette. He gave me a long, thin, and also when I pulled it, I thought I designed liberty. I was back in the old fairway.

I only ripped off in prep work, however mostly because I had raised 3 or 4 kilos on holiday. Back then there were no individual training plans.

What does your everyday life appearance like today?

I am a player instructor of the legends of FC Bayern. From November 14th to 18th we will certainly dip into a tournament in Sanders, the previous Bruno-Pezzey tournament. Then we have actually had FC Bayern's globe selection for 2 years...

... the World Team Project... ... a substantial project. 654 players between the ages of 16 and also 18 used by video clip in 2015, in this there were 2400. 20 gamers, one from every nation. A young Syrian, as an example, called, for example, by video clip call it can be seen that your home was bombed away in its background; Or a Brazilian who originates from the poorest conditions. A boy from Nigeria, one from Togo, a Japanese, a South Korean. Besides the videos were found, we already had square eyes. The players pertained to Munich for a week of training, after that we hosted likely to Mexico with them; The Americans, South Americans and also Mexicans were included there. We were in Celaya, the most hazardous city on the planet. In Mexico City we had a video game that was a nice memory for me of the 1986 World Cup. After two weeks, the children involved 2 or 3 pleasant video games once again in Munich, ultimately versus our U 19. One player was signed...

**... the Colombian José Mulatto. He was parked at the partner club in Dallas as well as at some point it will not only come to be a Bundesliga gamer, but a leading worldwide. On the offensive, the kid can play whatever, midfield, outside, front, tens.

He was parked in Dallas and also will eventually become a Bundesliga gamer, but a leading international man.

Klaus Morgenthaler about José Mulatto

Klaus Morgenthaler and Giovanni Elder with talents for the World Squad Task. Imago Images/Laconic

This is an entirely new experience for you? |* Yes, I used to take a trip a lot, but I just saw hotels and also arenas. On my initial China tour I drove with the country with the high-speed train. If you were on the go as a gamer, you can see a various globe than.

When the airplane had landed in Munich, They never desired to take a trip much and also said they were always delighted. Has your attitude changed?

I have actually been 100 days away in the previous couple of years. I am still entailed in the Youth Mug, so we had twelve teams for training and also a video game in the Allianz Field.

Is this entirely new work worth greater than if you were still a trainer someplace in professional football?

2 years ago I had a demand from the United Arab Emirates for a lot of money. I believed around briefly because you can no longer let go as soon as you were a train. I have a particular age now, you do not know what's going to take place.

Your aspirations to come to be a train in a club are over?

In 2007 their training time finished in the Bundesliga in Wolfsburg, in 2010/11 they still worked in the third division at the Interacting video game organization, 2016/17 at the Bavarian nationwide group Donaustauf. Is your coaching life satisfied?

Yes, I have completed extra or less with it.

The training job, just how I now do it, makes me enjoyable with the young boys on our world selection. On the one hand, I recognize the feeling when you have actually shed as well as the following day, like the Bavarians, should be the Wait 'n just recently; On the other hand, the special happiness on the bench, if the 2-1 winning entrance drops in the last minute, can not find out who has actually never been a trainer.

wasn't your whole training occupation as well short?

Not really.

They were thought about a parade Bayer, from 1976 they played a total amount of 15 years for the specialists of FC Bayern and also claimed once, north of the Danube started for them. Were you also Bayer for the football scene in your second job, who really did not intend to escape the south of the republic? |* No, since I never actually wished to be a trainer. Now there were some stations. Nuremberg was alright, I might continuously drive back and forth; Then Leverkusen and also Wolfsburg... I can not think of that I would enter once again if an offer came; Maybe I could help out.

I have actually always lived for the respective club and also still have call with gamers today. Occasionally I assume maybe I was too affable for this world of coaches.

If you are in culture or amongst close friends today, you will locate that you always need to tell or tell tales and experiences from your life?

If you concern angling, in the car or otherwise somewhere, which are it unique?

I came to angling this year as soon as, on Dad's Day. I listen to radio in the cars and truck or make employ tranquility. All football campaigns don't enter your mind.

In their Munich beginnings they still experienced Herd Müller, and also they needed to prevent him in training, although they had come as a striker from Vilshofen. What did you discover from Müller?


As a striker, I was able to gain from him, but then transformed myself into a defender, and in the training of Herd I was demonstrated how to resist a leading male. At the beginning I had no possibility due to the fact that I constantly wanted the ball quickly when he approved it-but you really did not get. Herd extended his butt out as well as had thick thighs. I after that waited up until he turned. Since he was not a sprinter, at least he could not escape. With his small, brief motions you had to beware.

Exactly how did you react to Herd Müller's fatality in August 2021?

I saw a lot of videos of him, witnessed the ceremony in the Allianz Arena, you believe of the time when you pertained to Bavaria as well as he was the huge hero. He had fired Germany for the World Mug title in 1974.

What did you feel when Robert Lewandowski exceeded Müller's 40-goal record from the 1971/72 Bundesliga season a few weeks previously?

In enhancement, the decision of FC Bayern to hand over Lewandowski was appropriate. It was clear to me that concerns would certainly come if FC Bayern was not the first after the fifth or sixth match day.

I assumed it was an embarrassment that Lewandowski cracked Herd Müller's document. Several had this sensation.

Klaus Morgenthaler and Julian Nagelsmann. Imago Images/Philippe Ruiz

The existing FC Bayern does not have number 9. Will this version work out without a center forward?

Just how do you rate the present circumstance at Bavaria?

I do not think that. Nagelsmann recognizes that he is at a big club and needs to provide as necessary. He reviewed the goals with the club, they are clear. As well as he was most likely conscious in advance that the wind would certainly be rougher when he was 5 points behind the. Nagelsmann will harden as well as enhance the existing experience.

When they quit FC Bayern as globe champions after 404 Bundesliga video games and also 7 championships, they declined a mentoring offer from Kaiserslautern due to the fact that they still really felt as a pupil.

We only had the seventh match day. And whether FC Bayern becomes 10 or eleven times in collection champs is not so crucial. FC Bayern might likewise cope with second location in the Bundesliga. The Champions Organization is important, and the group gets on the best track, even if she was lucky versus Barcelona that she was not 0: 2 behind at half-time. The game in Milan was good. That ended against Villarreal in spring hurt a very long time against the then 7th of the Spanish organization.

Nagelsmann will set and also strengthen the present experience.

Klaus Morgenthaler

Is it an advantage if an instructor made use of to be a professional?

You on your own went the blatant way for a year and educated the Bavarian national team Donaustauf, i.e. novices from the 6th organization. Do you consider this activity to be an excellent experience today or as a schnapps concept?

It may be much easier for the start, but-for whether you were a non-binary or expert you're depending on outcomes. A skilled professional who was slammed by him when claimed to young Peter Nurturer: train, I don't understand what they indicate. Can you please offer me that? And when Nagelsmann involved Munich, there were specifically as the older specialists would respond to this young fitness instructor. Arrive Sac chi as well as José Mourinho have come to be first-class fitness instructors without a big player occupation. Basically, a fitness instructor needs an axis on the square that he can rely upon.

It was an excellent experience, considering that all or most players come from these amateur locations. In my young people there were no young performance facilities, we were pure amateurs as well as played without cash.

When did you utilize the idea of the suit prepare for the very first time?

Never ever.

and also the tipping left protector didn't understand?

If I have 2 or 3 leaders, I can exercise it as a trainer.

I played Liverpool or Tottenham in England, in Scotland against the Glasgow Rangers. That's the brand-new technical language that the players hopefully understand.

Normally relevant advice is tough to provide since every team and also every club is various. Just how is the scenic tour behind you? Which players do you have? Everyone has to repel themselves the horns. All the same, the trainer needs to be straightforward and also genuine in his human management.

It is the desire of every trainer to obtain the gamers he thinks of. I intended to have four gamers in Wolfsburg, 3 per setting were in the conversation, 2 or three I got the most inexpensive. When a trainer obtains his desired gamer, he is entirely liable.

There are instructors that transform the system a number of times throughout a game.

As a Bundesliga coach, you have stated a number of times that you would love to train a team that you have assembled to greatly put with each other on your own. Covet your colleague Nagelsmann in Munich or Pep Guardiola at Manchester City?

Holder Baster, that expanded up at Bavaria, wishes to come to be a trainer after the currently announced end of his career. What is the most vital suggestions you would offer him from your experience?

To what degree do you still comply with the Bundesliga and also football?

Actually none that became concrete. There were rumors every currently as well as then, but it was constantly clear that I would stay in Munich and never consider it to leave FC Bayern. I would have liked to play in the Premier Organization.

Klaus Morgenthaler at a home video game of FC Bayern. Imago Images/Action pictures

I frequent the Allianz Arena.

You played as a professional for FC Bayern al1. What factors have you denied for a change?

Did you miss out on something as a result of this commitment to the club?

You said that you constantly determined yourself with the club due to the fact that your heart must exist. Is identification with an association as well as also an entire area like Bavaria a vital worth for you? Or does a keep abroad come from a profession in a globalized world?

When I look at games today, I am looking for my cell phone app where this or that gamer was previously. If I were looking for a gamer for a placement today, I would certainly inspect exactly how many terminals the guy has actually currently had behind.

A stay abroad is not a prerequisite for an excellent career. The Bundesliga is amongst the strongest organizations, so I do not have to have played in England, Spain or Italy.

Is today's specialist being as well concerned with his very own occupation, so legionnaire?

Thomas is so clever, he understands that he can not take anything with him. Whether I have 50 or 150 million euros in the account what do I make with it?

As well as a group can just grow with each other if as numerous players as possible stay a certain quantity of time. For 3 million euros extra a year, he would definitely not go to England.

A couple of years earlier, he turned down a five-year contract of Manchester United's 125 million euros.

Is the condition of being a tale to be in a club, more than a couple of million even more in the account?

The tale status deserves more to me, I have a great life. A lot more money is not the definitive factor.

In today's football, mindset is frequently talked about. Is this term a main or a reversed?

Captain, leader and also with a great deal of winning gene: Klaus Morgenthaler. Picture-alliance/ Sven Simon

FC Bayern has Manuel Neuer and also Thomas Müller. A vital factor for leadership is to grasp the language. If I had actually altered to Milan, I would have learned the Italian language as swiftly as possible and took obligation. This gene remained in me.

Way of thinking is component of football, the winning attitude, the passion and also the will to win every game. If we utilized to play against Hamburg or Fragrance, you might immediately call 4 or 5 gamers with winning way of thinking.

They were a fighter and also went initially as captain. Do such management numbers are missing in today's football?

Is this quality to be found out? Or is it in the genes?

It is absolutely as a result of the character. Any individual that had actually not yet shown at FC Bayern after a year was not long in the club. The will to win have to remain in you, additionally you will be brought up in Munich.

Is your occupation extra for skill or effort?

I was additionally fortunate enough to come to Bavaria at the right time. The team had simply become the European Cup champion 3 times, however Franz Beckenbauer after that stopped, consisting of Herd Müller, a new period started with Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and UPI Honey.

Wasn't Beckenbauer's successor a severe task?

After the game there was a dish with a death-sad mood, then we played cards till the next morning at 5 or 6 a.m.

At that time there were no set jersey numbers for every player like today, from 1 over 34 to 45, yet from 1 to 11. I didn't care, I stated to myself: If I have a number in the very first 11, I play.

They came to be world champions in 1990.

Is the World Cup win for the German team realistic?

Since the goalkeepers play Libero today, rather feasible.

These kids will certainly be amazed when you can bet a globe champion.

Yes, you can say that I am the timeless footballer. When I see a round, it prickles. I play two times a week with seniors and migrants, six or 7 Afghans aged 16, 17, which I have actually likewise equipped as well as whom it is fun.

You can look back on practically 50 years in football.

They don't even recognize who I am. Well, maybe currently. I play because it's simply enjoyable.

I do not see a terrific favored. A lot depends upon the beginning.

In 1989 they racked up the goal of the decade from the middle circle versus UPI Stein in Frankfurt. Would certainly the opposing goalkeepers playing well in front of the goal for you today with their shooting toughness?

If you recall at this turning factor for 65 years: What did this video game mean in your life?

Football was my life. It began at institution. I invested more time on the soccer area than for learning. Also, at 15 it was my dream to become an expert.

Where played football improve her life, where did it make her life poorer? What provided football, what did he take away?

You did what the club as well as the football schedule have actually given you. I think of the phone calls with the children of our world option, the questions whether they regularly play football, whether they have siblings and also are ready with institution. My focus was on at the time: football, football, football.

And also it was the totally ideal selection, a life in and for football?

In their Munich starts they still experienced Herd Müller, as well as they had to defend against him in training, also though they had actually come as a demonstrator from Vilshofen.

Mr. Morgenthaler, you will certainly be 65 years old this Monday.

The sporting activity is usually referred to as the picture and institution of life. What did you gain from football for your life and also took it with you?

** The present FC Bayern does not have number 9.

Yes, 100 %.

I played versus so lots of teams and players as well as in a lot of countries and of it remains for me what ought to prevail in everyday coexistence as well as what we additionally desire to convey to our youths of the Globe Squad Task: You need to satisfy everybody with regard, no issue what he is, does and is entitled to. Football helps there, it links.


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