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[Review] I feel like I'm wandering around the treasure?. Along with Japan's national RPG and Final Fantasy, the

Along with Japan's national RPG and Final Fantasy, the new 'Dragon Quest' series, a franchise called the JRPG genre, was officially released on the 9th. It is a Dragon Quest Treasure, which features 'Treasure Exploration' as its main content.

Since it has been a franchise that has been lasting for more than 30 years since its first work, 'Dragon Quest' has shown a unique worldview with various perspectives and game play styles through various kinds of abductions in addition to formal numbering works. Perhaps the first impression of the abduction, which might be the first work of the Treasure Series, was like a workbook to introduce 'Dragon Quest', which has now become a game of high age, to younger gamers. It is also a workbook that is very solved.

Game Name: Dragon Quest Treasure-Blue Eyes and Heaven Compass→ Genre: RPG Release Date: 2022.12.9 Review: 1.0.0 |

Developer: Square UNIX Service: Square UNIX Platform: Nintendo Switch Play: Nintendo Switch


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'Dragon Quest', and JRPG introduced to younger people

In an interview, Suzuki Taipei producer before the official launch, the fan base of the Dragon Quest is somewhat concentrated on the age group, and the new fan base has been secured, and at the same time, more generations have developed this abduction that they wanted to know about the 'Dragon Quest' series.

I explained the purpose. This is because the Dragon Quest franchise is the eldest of the RPG genre, which has already celebrated its 36th anniversary.

The Dragon Quest Treasure, which wants to appeal to a new generation, is strong from the start. For this reason, it is probably for this reason that the overall atmosphere and story development, such as Katya and Maya siblings, who are looking for first-class treasure hunters from the start of the game, and cats and pork fairies captivated by the Vikings for some reasons, are bright and lively.

The basic story of the Dragon Quest Treasure seems to be a bit childish, but it was very easy to understand, and it was surprisingly fascinated. Katya and Maya siblings, who are the main characters, are similar to the appearance of 'Dragon Quest XI', but they are smaller and more humorous. Those who have left the Viking ship with a very simple and clear goal to find the best treasures are a mysterious creature, a mysterious creature, a mysterious dagger according to the guidance of the money, and soon rides the portal and is full of adventures and treasures. It will fall into the land.

It may be somewhat ridiculous that Katya and Maya brothers and sisters fell on a strange island, but that's the beauty of adventure. The goal of the game is divided into several types: there is a core main story that explores treasures on the islands divided into various zones, trembles the crew's reputation, and gathers seven dragon stones according to the request of Kenosha and money.

As such, 'Dragon Quest Treasure' adds a bright and lively atmosphere, a simple and clear adventure goal, and a unique visual of the Dragon Quest series, which allows anyone to approach it. Cut scenes that are quite rich in richly gives you a feeling of watching a unique cartoon of Dragon Quest, and allows you to adapt to the game quickly through the detailed tutorials.

Woodangtang 'Treasure Hunt' stacked over a concise frame

Like a simple goal, the overall gameplay mechanism is also not a big difficulty to learn or adapt. If you proceed with the early stories, you can learn the process of finding treasures naturally, and afterwards, you will start an adventure that is close to the open world form that can be explored from the desired area.

As mentioned in the interview, many types of monsters in the game occupy a very important part of the game. The protagonist (Katya or Maya) is always exploring the treasure with monsters, and it is characterized by the fact that it can use the 'adventure-linked' technology to help explore. The technology is different for each monster, and you can jump farther with slime, or you can grab a monster with wings. Through this, the player explores the terrain with various high and lows with the monsters who have nurtured them.

In addition, monsters account for the treasure, the core element of the game. First, you have to use the monster's field of view from finding hidden treasures somewhere.

Basically, treasure hunt uses the 'compass' to detect the treasure, and if you go near it, you can use 'Vision', a monster's vision, to specify a specific place. As you form a party with up to three monsters, you can easily find a place with treasures by comparing each monster's view. In the meantime, the view of the monsters also shows the 'small detail' that follows the design of the monster, and the monster in the form of a pig wearing a huge hat can see the limited view of the hat window and the view of the nose. This sesame humor element shows that this abduction is very faithfully representing the Dragon Quest Franchise.

If there is an RPG workbook for beginners, is it like this?

'Dragon Quest Treasure' adds depth to the game by dividing the characteristics of elements that constitute the core of treasure exploration, such as treasure, monsters, and regions. Similarly, I feel that even those who have first encountered RPGs are designed to learn and enjoy.

As mentioned above, 'monsters', who are in charge of the game, are also playing their role as basic RPGs in addition to helping the protagonist to explore or sharing vision. The more powerful parties are, the easier it is to deal with the enemy. The protagonist will go scouts to increase the number of monsters that can be operated by situation to explore the treasure as well as the main story of the game.


The battle of the game is basically based on monsters that go around the open world map. Because fellow monsters fight well, the difficulty of battle is quite easy, the protagonist can directly attack the enemy with a dagger or to support rear support with a slingshot, and to use a powerful attack through the 'romance gauge' obtained through battle there is.

In this combat system, there is a property system that can be seen as the basis of RPG, so that monsters with predominant attributes can attack more powerful. You need to have other monsters with different colors to make it easier to explore in the dominant areas. In addition, the slingshot used by the protagonist can fire bullets with various properties, so if you choose a bullet that fits your opponent's properties, you can play without difficulty.

Treasures also show an attempt to add depth of exploration activities through a kind of 'grade'. In addition to the 'treasures' found through the dagger and monster's view, the 'junk', which is relatively valuable, exists in the field, and when the Internet is connected, the 'Economy' hidden by others is also expressed in treasure exploration.

However, one treasure, regardless of the type of object, can only have as much as the quantity that three monsters consisting of party members can be lifted, so if you fill in all limitations, you must return to the base and go through emotions. In this case, it is impossible to receive high emotions for antiques and imitations that are not treasures, so they will try to find 'treasures' even if they are overwhelming.

In particular, 'Mojo', which appears since online activities, occupies the number of treasures that monsters can be used without being treated as a treasure for emotions, and it is the impression that it is a community item with little use in the beginning. As an asynchronous content, I hide my opponent and his treasures, and the content I'm looking for was fresh, but it was the only way.

In addition to the goal of finding treasures and raising the level of the crew, there are also seven goals for the game that leads the main story. There are already many organizations on the island, where Katya and Maya arrive at a suspicious portal, and they are all drawn with humorous and cute beings, adding to the fun of enjoying the story.

The adventure to find Songbook does not differ in the ark from the treasure hunt. However, as it is a more rare treasure, there is a process of finding the clues they set. If you look at the crew's reputation through the steady treasure hunt, the dungeon in the basement of the base will be held one by one, and the dungeon with the monsters who have been fostered to find the clue of Songbook, and the journey of collecting Songbook based on the clues, the core of the game. It can be called.

If the expectation of the original is high, the disappointment is also large...

'Dragon Quest Treasure' is clearly attracted to the game as soon as you catch the Nintendo Switch through a simple gameplay and an interesting story that can be easily followed. It may seem a bit childish depending on the individual, but if you are holding the controller, it is also an immersive work that makes you want to find the next treasure.

However, it may be disappointing in many ways when you think of the franchise's reputation of the franchise of 'Dragon Quest' or the experience of 'Dragon Quest XI' starring Katya and Maya. Although the treasures collected are the nostalgia of the 'Dragon Quest' franchise, they will convey the fun of a different series as an abduction forever, and the overall volume is difficult to compare with the original.

This case can be found in the fact that there are a lot of BMS and colors that are repeatedly used in various sections, and that there are a lot of monsters with the same appearance, and that the battle is not so deep. In order to take the superiority of the attribute, you will have to collect all the color monsters, but most monsters are only different in color pallets, so the desire for collection is not very large.

Likewise, the battle is also given to support allies through the slingshot of the protagonist, or a strong attack with a romance technology, but the commands that can be given to the monsters are quite limited, so the overall fans are familiar with RPGs. Difficulty can be easily felt.

In this context, 'Dragon Quest Treasure', as the producer mentioned in an interview, somewhat younger age group


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