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How to Get the Tuxedo in Sons of the Forest: Cosmetics Articles to Increase Protection

There are a lot of different cosmetics articles to find throughout the island, with the purpose of finding them, usually only to increase their levels of protection against the elements. Sometimes, however, it's just a soft look. Here is how to get the tuxedo in Sons of the Forest.

Get the tuxedo in Sons of the Forest

Image source: end night through The tuxedo is an attire that you will find in the bunker of the security room that is part of a larger search line to get a maintenance card (which, in turn, opens new bunkers to explore).


Like the access card, it is not an element that can be achieved without finding a lot of different; The most important thing, the shovel. That is because the bunker of the security room is accessed through a hatch that must dig to find, and that obviously requires a shovel. You can read our detailed guide on how to get the blade here, but in summary, you must first visit several caves to find Rope Gun and Re breather; Click those individual links to get guides on how to find them Image Source: Sons of the Forest Wiki Once you have the shovel and be ready to access the bunker, go to the location that we have marked above. It is one of the green circles on your map. Use the shovel to reveal the hatch, then descend to the bunker to find a safe room. In the bedroom area, you will find the tuxedo, which can then be equipped through your inventory.

This bunker also contains the important maintenance card. That should give everything you need to know about how to get the tuxedo in Sons of the Forest. To achieve more useful tips and information about the game, look for DLPRIVATASERVER or consult the related content detailed below. Related Posts How to get a golden armor in Sons of the Forest How to make friends with Virginia, the 3-legged woman in Sons of the Forest How to unbalance objects and weapons in Sons of the Forest How to get Big Head in Sons of the Forest How to get the maintenance card in Sons of the Forest


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