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SWTOR Korriban Datacron Locations Guide - Find All Datacrons & Achieve Codex Lore!

There are loads of Dacrons spread out throughout both the Republic and Empire factions in SW TOR. Each Dacron you collect permanently improves the stats of every character you have, including new characters. Every Dacron additionally opens a Codex Entry which unlocks Lore for you to read.

Dacrons are concealed collectible things in SW TOR that provide an irreversible stat boost to every one of your characters within your Legacy on a web server.

  • Kerrigan Stamina Dacron Location
  • Kerrigan Purple Mastery Dacron Area
  • Kerrigan Red Matrix Shard Dacron Location

This overview discusses all the Dacrons that you can discover on the planet Kerrigan. Located in the Seat of the Empire market, Kerrigan is the ancient Sith home world.


Kerrigan is only accessible to the Realm faction. Republic players will certainly not have access to these Dacrons. Each walkthrough section of the guide always begins with the advised starting point on the map and ends with the area of the Dacron itself and the Information Codex Access.

Kerrigan Stamina Dacron Place

This Dacron will permanently boost your Endurance with +2. It unlocks the Galactic Background 15 Codex Entrance.

The Environment-friendly Endurance Dacron is the best next to the shuttle bus pad. The simplest way to reach it is by adhering to the path leading southeast from the Sith Academy Quick Traveling factor.

Turn appropriate in the direction of the big radar recipe and also climb over the porch and across the cliffside to situate the Stamina Dacron when you get to the metal balcony.

From there, head in the direction of the metal balcony that overlooks the Klorslug area where you initially begin as a brand-new personality.

Efficiently gathering the Dacron will provide you +2 Endurance to all personalities and also the Codex Entry:

Galactic History 15-Mandalore

While the young Republic proceeded to broaden, the Tang additionally looked for and also conquered several globes. At some point they uncovered an Outer Edge planet occupied by huge, ferocious monsters called mythosaurs. The Tang took the globe for their own, calling it Mangalore after their leader, Mangalore the. The mythosaurs offered little challenge to the effective Tang; in time, mythos bones were utilized to construct Mangalore initial cities.

The gray-skinned Tang types, which clashed with humans long before the formation of the Republic, had actually lost none of its fearful reputation for many years. The Tang revered conflict in all types, cherishing the opportunity to examine themselves against effective enemies.

Kerrigan Purple Proficiency Dacron Location

The Purple Mastery Dacron can be located by climbing a small hill from the Lower Wilds. The closest Quick Traveling & Taxi Point is the Wilds Laboratory.

This Dacron will permanently raise your Proficiency with +2. It opens the Galactic Background 16 Codex Access.


As you comply with the primary road North, turn East at the base of the mountain with the giant man.

Successfully gathering the Dacron will give you +2 Proficiency to all characters and the Codex Access:

Galactic Background 16-The Alaskan Disputes

Regardless of the very best efforts of Republic generals as well as mediators, Alaskan remained belligerent, and seventeen such uprisings would happen over the next numerous thousand years. Later, the fight cruisers developed during the Alaskan Conflicts would certainly inspire the Republics Invincible-class dreadnought.

As the earth expanded extra significant as well as effective, its Senators thought that Alaskan, not Coruscate, ought to be the resources of the Republic. A series of altercations called the Alaskan Conflicts damaged out, reducing Republic growth as it attempted to vanquish Alaskans pressures.

During the boom period of early Republic expansion, dissent occurred from the unlikeliest of quarters: the world Alaskan. Colonized by the very first travelers from Coruscate long before the advancement of the hyperdrive, Alaskan had been a member of the Core Worlds for centuries.

Kerrigan Red Matrix Fragment Dacron Area

Head southwest to locate the Matrix Shard Dacron behind a wall surface following to a corpse when you reach the Spoiled Atrium.

The Red Matrix Shard Dacron remains in the Destroyed Atrium area of the Burial place of Kulak Hard. You can get in the Tomb of Kulak Hard by following the road from the Sith Academy to the Shuttle.

Matrix Shards are objective things that you can make use of to develop an Antique. The Shards are made Per-Character. This indicates that despite the fact that the Dacron is taken into consideration collected for your entire Legacy if you wish to get the Matrix Fragment on a various character you will need to discover the Dacron again on that personality. This Dacron opens the Galactic Background 17 Codex Entry.

Transform southern into the entry to the Tomb as well as walk south via the cave till you get to the exit to the Wrecked Atrium section.

Successfully collecting the Matrix Dacron will provide you 1 Red Matrix Shard in the Objective Items Tab of your Stock, in addition to the Codex Access:

Galactic Background 17-The Duinuogwuin Opinion

Each walkthrough segment of the guide constantly begins with the recommended starting point on the map and ends with the place of the Dacron itself as well as the Data Codex Entrance.

This indicates that even though the Dacron is considered collected for your entire Legacy if you desire to get the Matrix Fragment on a various personality you will certainly have to locate the Dacron again on that character. This Dacron unlocks the Galactic Background 17 Codex Access.

When you are made with this earth, get on to the next. There are plenty of Dacrons in SW TOR for you to find as well as each earth gets more fascinating as well as a lot more intricate as you level as well as progress up.

Each Dacron you accumulate permanently improves the stats of every personality you have, including new personalities. Every Dacron also opens a Codex Entry which unlocks Tradition for you to read.

On their travels, the very early Republic travelers came across lots of bizarre and also fascinating types. Many of these very first calls were tranquil, yet while charting worlds in the Outer Edge, precursors came across substantial, flame-breathing reptiles known as Duinuogwuin. The terrified scouts opened up fire and left the planet, at some point going back to Coruscate-- only to discover they'd been adhered to. The Duinuogwuin started slaying war against the resources in what would certainly be called the Duinuogwuin Contention.

Supreme Chancellor Fillmore, usually slammed in the US senate for being indecisive and reluctant, disregarded demands to set in motion the Republic Navy and also tried to communicate with the Duinuogwuin. To everyone's surprise, the Duinuogwuin were disclosed to be smart and inherently calm. Supreme Chancellor Fillmore as well as the Duinuogwuin theorist BorzMatoh discussed a treaty, and later also worked together to located Coruscate initial university.


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